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People Are Turning Pineapples Into Mini Christmas Trees

If you live in a tiny space, you know the struggle of trying to decorate for the holidays. While you see everyone posting Instagram pictures of their festive rooms decked to the nines, you peer around and wonder where you could even fit a single candlestick.

Sigh. I feel your pain.

However, living in a tiny space means that you have to be super creative.

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So, why not join the pineapple party and decorate a pineapple like a Christmas tree?

It has all the necessary branches needed to hang a few miniature baubles around and is guaranteed to fit anywhere!

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Not to mention, its tropical vibe brings some brightness to the dark days of winter.

There's also nothing stopping you from going all out with the decorations, including lights and garland.

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Pineapples are also pretty mighty for being so small. Check out this one holding up some massive ornaments.

Pineapples are pretty cost-effective too and environmentally friendly, as you can compost it at the end of its run.

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Don't forget to put some presents around it!

How do you decorate tiny dwellings for the holidays? Let us know!