10+ Massive Age Gaps In Films Fans Can't Unsee

The nice part about movies is that they blend the line between fiction and reality.

However, there are some moments, even in films, that fans have trouble dealing with.

A big one, especially within the last few years thanks to social media, is calling out age gaps! Some of them are just plain weird.

James Mason and Sue Lyon


The Offending Movie: Lolita.

While this movie is about a young woman falling in love with an older man, it's creepy to know that Sue Lyon was actually 14 at the time of filming...

And the age gap was 37 years.

Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft


The Offending Movie: The Graduate.

While it's not the biggest age gap on this list (a mere 6 years) the whole plot of this movie was totally weird.

And what's weirder is that Hoffman was playing an 18-year-old when he was almost 30.

Jean Reno and Natalie Portman

Buena Vista

The Offending Movie: Léon: The Professional.

A lot of the budding romance between this child and this adult was cut for the American version, but the French version sure didn't cut the love between these two folks... who were 33 years apart in age.

Gary Cooper and Audrey Hepburn


The Offending Movie: Love In The Afternoon.

This 1957 movie featured the iconic Gary Cooper and the soon to be iconic Audrey Hepburn falling in love.

The problem was, he was 28 years her senior.

Woody Allen and Mariel Hemingway

United Artists

The Offending Movie: Manhattan.

The movie's stars, who were 26 years apart in age, also had their characters reflect this.

Woody Allen plays a TV writer who falls in love with a high schooler.

Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix


The Offending Movie: To Die For

Yet another movie about a high schooler falling in love with someone older.

But this time, the older woman (Seven years, to be exact) convinces the young man to kill her husband!

Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort


The Offending Movie: Harold and Maude.

Sure, the movie was about a young man falling in love with an older woman, but the 52 year age gap was still a little creepy.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts


The Offending Movie: Pretty Woman.

The age difference for this movie about a prostitute falling in love with a rich man was 18 years!

That's a whole other legal person! Although I will admit, it's one of the most classic movies of all time.

Alicia Silverstone and Cary Elwes

Morgan Creek

The Offending Movie: The Crush.

It's not really all that much of a relationship, but Silverstone's Darian (who is supposed to be 14 in the movie) does develop a crush on Elwes' character.

Who, by the way, in real life is 14 years older than her.

Jennifer Coolidge and Eddie Kaye Thomas


The Offending Movie: American Pie.

Yeah, yeah. She was supposed to be a mom and thusly, much older than Finch.

But the age difference is pretty darn weird: it's 19 years.

Brad Pitt and Rose Byrne

Warner Bros.

The Offending Movie: Troy.

Yes, the character is supposed to be young. Younger than Achilles, at least.

But the fact that he kidnapped Briseis, who in real life was 16 years younger made it much weirder.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard


The Offending Movie: The Rum Diary.

Johnny Depp has a tendency to star with younger women (Edward Scissorhands began this trend) however, this was the biggest age gap he's ever had: 23 years.

Kevin Spacey and Mena Suvari


The Offending Movie: American Beauty.

I won't give this movie any more flak than it's already gotten (due to its weird premise and, of course, all the Kevin Spacey stuff).

I'll just tell you the age difference: 20 years.

Drew Barrymore and Tom Skerritt

New Line

The Offending Movie: Poison Ivy.

The 1992 movie feature Drew Barrymore as a girl in high school who murders older men.

Apparently, that meant men who were 42 years her senior.

Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones


The Offending Movie: Entrapment.

Now hold on to your horses here, folks, because this is one of the biggest age gaps we will see on this list.

These two were 39 years apart when they got together in this movie!

Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray


The Offending Movie: Lost In Translation.

Sure, they only shared a kiss, but it gets creepy when you realize there was a 34-year-old age gap between them.

Oh, and she was 17 when they filmed.

Amanda Peet and Jack Nicholson


The Offending Movie: Something's Gotta Give.

His character does say he has a thing for younger women, but this woman was way too young for him. Jack was 35 years her senior.

Woody Allen and Mira Sorvino


The Offending Movie: Mighty Aphrodite.

Wow, Woody Allen, I'm truly surprised to see you on this list twice. (That was sarcasm, in case you couldn't catch it).

Well, he did it again, folks. He was in love with a girl who was 32 years younger in this movie.

Colin Firth and Emma Stone


The Offending Movie: Magic In The Moonlight.

The only "magic" that happened here was the fact that Colin Firth got away with being with such a young woman.

There were 28 years between these actors!

Scarlett Johansson and Billy Bob Thorton


The Offending Movie: The Man Who Wasn’t There.

Another underage ScarJo performance! She was only 16 when she filmed this movie. As for Billy Bob?

Well, he was a lot older. 30 years older, in fact.

Liam Neeson and Olivia Wilde


The Offending Movie: Third Person.

The two actors played on again off again lovers in this movie, but they probably should have stayed off again considering the 32 year age gap between them.

Michael Caine and Michelle Johnson


The Offending Movie: Blame It On Rio.

Yet another movie about an older man lusting after a much younger woman (it seems like it's a thing).

Michael was 33 years older than Michelle Johnson in this movie.

Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo


The Offending Movie: Begin Again.

This one is probably one of the least offensive you'll see on this list, but it's still a pretty big age gap.

These two were 18 years apart. Thankfully, they were two adults too, and not an underage girl with an older man.

Brie Larson and Mark Wahlberg


The Offending Movie: The Gambler.

In this movie, Brie Larson was a student who seduces her professor (guess who the professor was).

Also, it was a professor who was 18 years her senior.

Scarlett Johansson and Jon Favreau


The Offending Movie: Chef.

ScarJo! You just have to stop seeing these older men in movies!

Oh well... it seems Jon Favreau was robbing the cradle pretty hard in this flick. They were 18 years apart.

Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem


The Offending Movie: Mother!.

This movie was a total trip, but what was even trippier was the age difference between Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence.

A whole 21 years was between this couple!

Margot Robbie and Will Smith


The Offending Movie: Focus.

These two played professional thieves in this movie. But the greatest heist Will Smith pulled off was robbing Margot Robbie's cradle!

They had 22 years between them in this movie.

Denzel Washington and Kelly Reilly


The Offending Movie: Flight.

Both their characters were on drugs in this movie, and the writers must have been on something if they didn't think we'd notice the 23-year age gap between these two actors.

Anne Heche and Harrison Ford


The Offending Movie: Six Days, Seven Nights.

Yes, it is Harrison Ford. Yes, he is a beautiful man, even in his old age. But he was 57 and she was 29! Come on!

Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp


The Offending Movie: Black Mass.

Johnny! You gotta stop starring in movies with much younger women! You wouldn't want to be a Woody Allen, would you?

Anyways, the age difference in this movie is 26 years.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bridges


The Offending Movie: Crazy Heart.

Most people would love to be in a movie with Jeff Bridges.

However, if you were in your 30s and he was 20 years your senior, you may be apprehensive about kissing him.

Michael Keaton and Andrea Riseborough


The Offending Movie: Birdman.

Well, it's pretty hard to excuse this 30-year age gap.

Even if you did win an Oscar for this role, you won't be winning any "no weird relationships" award.