10+ Behind The Scenes Secrets About 'Frozen 2'

Okay, Frozen fans, these are the behind-the-scenes facts about your favorite movie sequel that you have probably been waiting for.

We all knew that the movie would take Hollywood by storm just like the first one did, so we just had to learn more about it!

Get ready, and prepare yourself for some spoilers up ahead!

Just a quick PSA:


There are going to be some Frozen 2 spoilers in this article. So if you haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest you head out and watch it right now.

Then, obviously, come back and read the article.

1. Why They Made The Movie


There were a couple of reasons as to why creators Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck decided to do a Frozen 2.

It wasn't just because the first movie made more money than any other animated movie ever.

First off, they kept getting asked the question: "how did Elsa get her powers?" so they decided to address that.


Second, they realized at the end of the first movie everyone was just at the beginning of their relationships.

2. The Beginning Of Relationships Expanded


For example, Olaf had just been born. They wanted to show what he'd do with his life.

Also, Anna and Kristoff had just gotten together.

Not to mention Anna and Elsa were finally together after years of being apart.

They needed to explore all that!

3. The First Theatrical Release


Believe it or not, but Frozen 2 is the first Disney princess sequel to come out in theatres.

The rest were on VHS. You remember those, don't you? Yeah, sure you do...

4. "Lost in the Woods"


Jonathan Groff (the voice of Kristoff) put in a lot of work for his song "Lost In The Woods".

Not only did he sing it, but he also provided the backup vocals as well. He was the backup reindeer.

5. Speaking Of Songs...


The song that Anna sings, "The Next Right Thing" is actually a mantra that Kristen Bell uses in real life.

Wow! Look at all the input she got in this movie!

6. More about "The Next Right Thing"


The songwriters didn't just use Bell's personal mantra for the song, either.

Kristen Bell and Jennifer Lee recorded a very emotional conversation and sent it to the songwriters.

And from it came "The Next Right Thing".

7. "Samantha?"

We all know that Josh Gad is hilarious, but it was proven once again when Olaf called for "Samantha?" and then said: "I don't even know a Samantha".

That line was improvised!

8. The Archetypes


According to the Frozen creators, Anna and Elsa represent two different narrative archetypes from stories.

Anna represents the fairy tale, while he more strange and mythical sister represents the myth.

9. Evan Rachel Wood's Audition


Wonder how Evan Rachel Wood got the role of Iduna in the movie?

She actually sang "Angela" by the Lumineers in the style of a Disney princess. Wow, that probably took some talent!

10. Evan Was Iduna


Evan was also pretty perfect for the role, at least according to the Frozen creators.

They said as soon as she entered, it felt like Anna and Elsa's mother had "walked into the room".

11. She found out she got the role in a fitting place...

Apparently, Evan Rachel Wood was at a pretty famous theme park when she found out she got the role in Frozen 2.

That's right, she was at Canada's Wonderland (kidding, she was obviously at Disneyland).

12. Sterling K. Brown's First Time Singing


When he auditioned for the role of Mattias, it was the first time Sterling K. Brown had ever had to sing for a role.

Luckily, he was well prepared (as in he was a good singer). So it worked out in the ned.