Tinsel Lashes Are The Latest Over-The-Top Holiday Look

Now that the holidays are around the corner you may be thinking about how to make your makeup look more festive. Right? Well, there's a new makeup trend this season and it's tinsel lashes.

You heard me right. What a better way to make your lashes look fuller and more beautiful all in one with that extra special holiday sparkle?

If you've been following Regina Talpa or @coolgirlswearmugler on Instagram you may have already seen her deck her lashes with tinsel for the holiday season.

And it looks so beautiful.

This 22-year old makeup lover from Sweden came up with this idea because she didn't want to settle for regular glitter shadow or metallic eyeliner.

Instagram | @coolgirlswearmugler

Who can blame her?

Her process involves applying tinsel to your lash line much the same way you would apply individual lashes.

Instagram | @coolgirlswearmugler

But this, of course, looks much more elevated and definitely festive.

Wow, that looks so interesting and awesome.

I dunno if I would go for a look like this because my lashes are super sensitive but it's so pretty.

If you want to recreate this look you must follow some rules though.

To make sure you get a flawless look like this, you need a special tinsel designed for makeup purposes. So don't go applying regular tinsel, lol.

Regular tinsel is way too heavy for a delicate skin area such as the lashes.

Instagram | @coolgirlswearmugler

Regina suggests even using a glittery hair tie instead. You can get the kid's version.

Then what you do is you just cut off a few sparkly strands to apply to your lashes and voila.

Instagram | @coolgirlswearmugler

You can totally do this festive look yourself.

Then, you can make this look even more special by applying some sparkly mascara.

Now we're talking about a truly festive holiday makeup look. I'm really digging this.

Regina also created another elevated look with her own version of snowflake lashes.

She did it by dusting her lashes with large chunks of glitter for that extra sparkly look.

If tinsel lashes aren't really right up your alley there are plenty of other similar festive looks you can opt to create.

Check out this layered glittery look.

If the layered style is not what you're looking for, these frosted lashes are also so pretty.

I absolutely love how full this look makes the lashes appear.

Here's a closer look at how awesome adding a bit of glitter in the right places on your lashes can make you look glam.

This would be perfect for New Years'.

You can also play around with fake lashes and make them look special for the holidays.

Then just add some holiday extra touches with stars or snowflakes and voilĂ .

See, there's always a way to elevate your makeup look for the holidays.

I hope these examples give you some cool and fun ideas to play around with.

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