Stay Warm And Fashionable This Winter With Puffer Jacket Gowns

We all know that women's fashion trends can be a little bit ridiculous. It seems that designers never actually put any thought into women's comfort or the practicality of clothes.

Just when I had given up on the fashion industry, along came these puffer gowns. They might look a little avant garde, but if it will keep me warm, I'll buy it.

Puffer jackets are probably the best thing fashion could have done for those of us who live in cold climates.

There was a time when puffer jackets were considered a fashion don't. But as functionality has started to climb on the style barometer, designers have elevated puffer jackets to haute streetstyle status.

Unfortunately, evening wear still tends to leave women bare and susceptible to the elements.

Just take a look at any red carpet, no matter where it's taking place, and women are never properly attired for the weather.

With the holiday season coming up, many women are facing a dilemma.


Should you sacrifice style and dress warmly for your holiday party, or brace yourself for the cold while wearing a gorgeous gown?

Well, thanks to these puffer dresses from Moncler, you won't have to choose.

These dresses feature the warm padding and comfort of a puffer jacket, and the sleek silhouette of an evening gown.


As someone who really values comfort over style, I'm kind of into this idea.

And for the low price of $2,710, this innovative design can be yours.


Okay, not going to lie, I'm not a huge fan of the price but I guess it is like having two wardrobe essentials in one, right?

Best of all, you can pair your puffer dress with a... puffer jacket?


It might seem crazy to you, but I swear, this is actually what I need to wear to work in order to work in my freezing office. If you're always cold (like me), at least now we have a fashionable solution!

This isn't the first time Moncler has tried their hand at these creations.

Instagram | Moncler

Last year, the venerable fashion brand collaborated with Valentino on a line of futuristic and dazzling floor-length ensembles.

From what the predictions for this winter are telling me, I'm going to need this in my life very soon.

Soak it in, people. This is going to officially be my winter look this year.

It's a little more sophisticated than last year's look.

Hey, I did what I had to do to stay warm.