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Dove Cameron Says She Was In '7th grade And Still Had braces' When She Got First Tattoo

Don't call Dove Cameron a "good girl."

In an interview with Refinery29, the Disney star gave a really good reason for why she's not:

"When people say I am 'turning bad,' I just remind them I got my first tattoo when I was 14."

Here, a look at her tattoos.

Dove Cameron might seem like your all-around "good girl," but her tattoos tell a different story.

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In a recent interview with Refinery29, she explained the significance behind her eight pieces of ink.

Like the slithering snake she has on her middle finger.

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Dove has always been a huge supporter of women's rights.

In the past, she's "freed the nipple" like several other celebs, so the significance behind this snake tattoo makes so much sense.

“There’s been lots of mythology that equates femininity with snake-like behavior in a negative way," she explained.

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"I got really pissed about that one day and decided to take back the snake. The snake is sexy and it represents new life — shedding the old image, rebirth, transformation and two worlds — so I put it on my middle finger. Call me a snake? I am a snake!”

Or this one that translates to "star material."

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The story behind this family-inspired tat is so adorable.

Dove explained that her mother had written a children's book called "star stuff" when she was younger. It was about how we're all part of the universe.

Since it never got published, Dove said it was like her and her sister's "personal bed time story."

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"I got this tattoo with my mother and sister to always remind us that we are all connected, and we are all the stuff of the stars," she wrote.

She even got matching tattoos with her current boyfriend, Thomas Doherty.

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At the time of getting it, they weren't even officially dating, which was something that even Dove knew was risky.

"Thomas and I weren’t even dating yet, so it was very risqué to be getting a matching tattoo with this random guy, so good thing it worked out!" she said.

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Good thing, indeed!

"We started dating a month later. But he told me he loved me a week before that, so it was a very whirlwind thing… Actors — they’re crazy!”

Dove explained that their adorable sunshine tat is inspired by a song lyric.

"It’s based on the lyric “I know what the sunlight can be” from The Light in the Piazza, which is the show I just finished at the L.A. Opera."

As for her first tattoo, well, that happened when she was just 14.

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“I got my first tattoo when was 14 — illegally and without parental permission," she told the site.

"My best friend made friends with this guy who had a tattoo gun. He told us he’d been practicing on oranges and was ready."

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"Keep in mind we’re in 7th grade and I still had braces," she added.

She continued: "She decided to do it, but then she called me from his house crying because she was scared, so I walked over."

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"She said she couldn’t do it, so I said, ‘Well, what if I go first?’ I’ve always been a ‘[expletive] it’ kind of person. I got a Capricorn sign on my bikini line because I wanted something that will always be me, even when I’m 85."

Dove, the unexpected rebel, asked her mom the next day if she could get a tattoo.

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"She said, 'No, you’re 14!’ to which I replied, ‘What if I already got one?’"

Dove plans to get another family-inspired tat soon.

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This next one that she's itching to get will be in memory of her father who passed away when she was just 15.

It will say "Candy is Dandy," since her father used to say "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker."

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"I think it’s from Willy Wonka, but it’s such an inappropriate thing for a child to say," she said.

"He would always send me up to people and be like, ‘Go tell that person what I said!’"

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"It would piss off my grandparents to no end and it makes me laugh so much and reminds me of the kind of person he was. I don’t have any tattoos for my dad yet, so I am planning to get ‘candy is dandy’ soon.”

We can't wait to see it!