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Kit Kat Set To Release Five New Mouth-Watering Flavors In The New Year

A couple weeks ago, we got the news of our lives that Kit Kat is set to release a birthday cake flavor at the top of 2020.

Now they're making hearts explode, because they're apparently releasing five more flavors.

Food Instagrammer @Markie_devo leaked the news.

Instagram | @markie_devo

Sneaky Walmart sent Markie a pic of four new Kit Kat flavors that are allegedly set to be released at an unknown date and time in 2020.

First up we have a Chocolate Cream Pie flavor and Orange Creamsicle, the latter of which fans are pretty excited to try. Orange chocolate really is underrated.

Then there's Cotton Candy, which will probably be a great one for those who like their chocolate on the sweeter side.

Instagram | @markie_devo

Cherry Cola is the most intriguing for me. If it ends up tasting like cherry chocolate, I would definitely be applauding it.

They had a chance to try them, for which I am very jealous of, and said they're actually quite nice.

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They taste like apple cinnamon, and don't have that pungent and distinct artificial flavor that most flavored candies have.

It's just too bad these weren't released in time for Thanksgiving.

That was it from Mr. Markie Devo, but that wasn't it from the Kit Kat world.

Instagram | @junkfoodleaks_

Instagrammer junkfoodleaks_ then revealed an Apple Pie flavor.

Cue exploding chaotic sounds.

Hey Kit Kat, if you're looking for any more taste testers, hit me up.

Which flavor are you most excited to give a try? Let us know in the comments!

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