7+ Easy Ways To Reduce Waste This Holiday Season

Christmas is that time of the year when people tend to be more generous when it comes to gift-giving. And with lots of gifts comes all that extra packaging that usually ends up going to waste.

But it doesn't have to. You can still be environmentally friendly even during the holidays if you stick to a few simple rules.

1. Reuse That Wrapping Paper


I hardly ever buy new wrapping paper anymore. I've collected plenty over the years and I tend to reuse a lot of it.

2. Send Out E-Cards

I'm one of those people who loves sending and receiving physical holiday cards. But I do understand it's wasteful, so I would definitely consider e-cards.

3. Use Kraft Paper Bags


Some fancy gift bags that are laminated, coated, or dyed can't be recycled. So if you want to be safe, just use kraft paper instead.

4. Bring Your Own Shopping Bags


Forget those plastic bags the stores offer and just make sure you bring your own canvas shopping bags instead. It's such an easy solution.

5. Cap Those Bottles


I didn't realize that small pieces like bottle caps can't be recycled on their own. So make sure you cap those used bottles before recycling.

6. Break Down Those Shipping Boxes


Everybody receives lots of deliveries during the holidays but don't just throw boxes away. Break them down and put them into the recycling properly.

7. Use Plain Cards And Envelopes


I had no idea fancy cards don't get recycled. Now I'm going to think differently before I buy any of those for sure.

8. Give DIY Gifts


The best way to be environmentally friendly during the holidays is to give gifts that you have made yourself. Think jams, hot cocoa and baked goods.

9. Use Tupperware Or Glassware


Speaking of those DIY gifts from the heart, you can put those baked goods in cute Tupperware or glass containers that can be easily reused.

10. Recycle Aluminium Foil


I use aluminum foil a lot but I didn't realize that it's recyclable as long as it's clean. So now I will wipe and recycle away.

11. Use Winter Greenery As Decor


Holiday decor is so grand and festive. But you can stick to some winter basics like pine cones and tree branches for natural decor.

12. Be Environmentally Friendly When You Use Newspaper Wrapping


You don't always need fancy Christmas wrapping paper at all. Instead, you can use newspapers that can easily be recycled afterwards.

13. Make Your Own Bows

Francoise Et Moi

Sure you can buy that bag of pre-made plastic bows but you can also get a roll of red ribbon and make your own bows.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out a few easy ways you can reduce waste during the holidays.

You've been good all year, so why stop now?