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15+ People Just Making It Up As They Go

Improvisation is an underrated skill. It makes for some interesting television at times, true, but for the most part, it's hard to see and even more difficult to appreciate.

For these folks, it might be hard to see a plan, because there probably wasn't one, at least not at first. But, for the most part, they made their lack of planning work for them all the same.

Is this modern camouflage?

Reddit | we_made

Well, it is for the backpack, at least. And the camera seems to be having a bit of trouble picking him up, so we'll go with that.

Somebody wants to make friends with all the teachers out there.

Reddit | jandr122

Why else would you build a pencil sharpener that's powered by a weed eater motor? That'll make short work of at least one task in September.

This guy is using his powers of improvisation for good.

Reddit | Waifer2016

He's turning a bunch of old coolers into shelters for stray cats in the neighborhood to use to keep warm during the winter. Nice touch.

This student found a kookaburra in one of the school's bathrooms.

Reddit | pebernd0910

Rather than waiting on school maintenance, they gave the bird a strip of stir-fry beef and it hopped onto their arm, and they calmly walked outside to freedom together.

Somebody decided to put up a "Lost" poster for a seagull.

Reddit | Chiz-

Nothing wrong with spreading some smiles around your neighborhood with a nice, lighthearted, victimless prank.

This house in an ancient city has incorporated the old town walls into the building.

Reddit | hayaimonogachi

There's a glass panel over top and everything, so you get a taste of history along with the more modern structure.

When space is at a premium, you can't always be choosy.

Reddit | Cardanothecaire

I know, this flies in the face of at least one solid proverb, so you have to think there was no small amount of desperation behind it.

Looks like a strong, sturdy swing set.

Reddit | Cardanothecaire

And it would have to be for this conversation piece. It sure wouldn't be my first choice to put up, but it's effective.

Not a person, but this plant is sure making it up as it goes.

Reddit | Wryetui

There's no way a lamp post is an ideal spot for a plant to take root, but this one appears to have done so and is flourishing. Doubt that can last forever though.

These plants stand a much better chance thanks to a little creativity.

Reddit | TinkerManMick

I just hope they don't need that shopping basket for a while. Otherwise it's a solid window box set-up for a little herb garden.

Pretty sure these cutoffs aren't just for fashion or propriety.

Reddit | 555VS66

Apparently, there's some construction going on nearby and someone worried about the tree's well-being put them on for protection.

Storage space has always been the drawback of Corvettes.

Reddit | philth91

Adding on a truck bed seems like a bit of an extreme reaction, but you can't argue with the results.

This drive-thru solved a bag dispensing problem with a low-cost innovation.

Reddit | okeleydokelyneighbor

Just a bit of PVC pipe did the trick quite nicely. Not bad at all!

Is this another door to Narnia?

Reddit | davetheelectrician

Honestly I'm not sure it even matters. It's just a nice bit of whimsy for the neighborhood, even if there's nothing in there.

People are going to go their own way every time.

Reddit | njuff22

And enough people have gone their own way in this spot, cutting down their journey, that they've carved out a little staircase with their footsteps.

There's more to this address number than meets the eye.

Reddit | Kuparu

It's attractive enough on its own, but it's fittingly pieced together from five pieces of driftwood.

Points to this driver, because I wouldn't have thought to put a bar tap handle on my shifter.

Reddit | mbecerra21988

I don't know if it was otherwise broken, or if it makes shifting any easier, but it sure is different. Probably makes the car a bit easier to spot in a parking lot, if nothing else.

When you want a vanity plate, but aren't sure what to get.

Reddit | baashar

So you get "License Plate" for your license plate. I can just see someone standing there, going down a list of things that have already been chosen, like usernames, and finally settling on this for the sake of having something.

The illusion is only appropriate.

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

As the saying goes, it's bigger on the inside. At least from this angle, the magic is alive and well, and worth the effort that went into it.

You go, Speed Racer.

Reddit | khnnhk

Not only is the guy driving a vintage racing car, he's also decked out in all the vintage racing gear. Love it.

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