Say 'I Love You' To This 'Friends' Turkey Mug

Remember that Thanksgiving flashback episode of 'Friends' when Monica was trying to cheer up Chandler, so she put a turkey on her head and then accessorized it with oversized sunglasses and a fez? And Chandler laughed and said, "I love you" for the first time?

Well, now you can remember it and chuckle to yourself every day.

It all started with Joey, as it typically does.

The whole arc of the story started with Joey putting a turkey on his head in an attempt to scare Chandler. The only problem was that he didn't scare him and he got it stuck.

Monica did the same thing in an effort to make Chandler laugh.

Throughout the episode, we learn through flashbacks that Monica was responsible for a very unfortunate Thanksgiving incident in which Chandler had his baby toe cut off.

To cheer him up, she pulled a Joey and put a turkey on her head.

The turkey has become an iconic 'Friends' symbol.

Despite how gross it must be to have your head "in a dead animal," as Phoebe put it, the turkey has become an enduring symbol of 'Friends.'

Which makes it a great item to add to your morning routine.

This mug will make you chuckle and say 'I love you' every morning.


This turkey mug, which is available on Firebox for $22, will take you back to Monica's antics and surely put a smile on your face. With any luck, it could also cause that special someone in your life to declare their love for you.

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