Twitter Has Turned 'Baby Yoda' Into The Cutest Meme

Now that Disney+ is out, they've made sure that they started their streaming service with something big, besides just putting all the Marvel movies.

They've released their show The Mandalorian, which is part of the Star Wars universe.

And they debuted something very important: Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda is beginning to make the rounds on the internet.


Actually, if we're being honest, he's been making the rounds the moment people saw him on the show.

I mean, you can't blame the internet. Look at that adorable face!

And of course, like all good things, Baby Yoda became a meme for the internet.

Because if there's one thing that the internet is good at doing, it's turning things into memes.

I mean, that's the only good thing about the internet anyhow.

This person seems to desperately need the memes to keep them going.

And they are definitely right!

The world can be a big and scary place sometimes, so why shouldn't we have something as cheerful and innocent as a Baby Yoda meme?

This one is perhaps my personal favorite.

To be fair to newborn babies, they do tend to look a little like old people with all of their wrinkles!

But this tweet is just hilarious.

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