Dog Dies After Delivery Driver Throws Heavy Package Over Fence

When we see someone do a job every day, it can become easy to forget how much work goes into it. For instance, seeing delivery drivers roll through our neighborhood doesn't really give us much insight into what their company's management is demanding from them.

Although many customers would prefer to wait longer if it means their package arrives safely, these drivers are usually ordered to get to their destinations as quickly as possible. With that kind of pressure on them, some drivers may end up developing shortcuts.

However, if that shortcut involves throwing people's packages over their fences, that can lead to more destructive consequences than drivers may realize. And one sad case from California starkly demonstrates that this risks the safety of more than just the package.

For Keiko Napier and Mitchell Galin, scenic Venice, California has a lot to offer.

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Napier and her mother both enjoy gardening and the ever-present sunshine gives their plants a lot of fuel to grow.

This environment also meant that their backyard was a nice, warm place where Cooper, their four-pound Yorkshire Terrier, could relax.


Unfortunately, Cooper's sunbathing session would suddenly turn tragic over the past weekend.

It's worth noting that this family's neighborhood is known for its properties surrounded by walls of varying heights.

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As KCAL9 reported, one FedEx driver apparently saw fit to throw a package containing the crystalware and Christmas present the family had ordered over one of these walls.

As a result of this blind toss, the package ended up landing on top of Cooper.


When Galin lifted up the large package, he discovered Cooper lying in a puddle of blood beneath it.

After bringing Cooper to the vet, Galin and Napier learned that Cooper had sustained severe damage to her liver and lungs.


To end the dog's suffering, they chose to have her euthanized.

As Galin told KCAL9, "It was painful to watch your dog in pain."

A representative from FedEx said the company would investigate the incident and take appropriate action after the facts come in.

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They also "extended their deepest sympathies" to Napier and Galin and said they took the matter "very seriously."

In response Napier said this wasn't satisfactory and that a company-wide mandate against throwing packages was necessary.

As she said, "Our grandchild plays out here. My mother is out here gardening. I’m here gardening. And the package was so heavy, should it have struck one of us, it would’ve caused damage — very very severe damage."

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