First Half Of 'Fuller House' Season 5 Drops December 6th

Fuller House was one of the first reboots that came about before the trend became huge like it is now.

The hit show is a sequel series off of Full House which, back in the day, was one of the best shows on television. People still look back on it and smile.

'Fuller House' season 5 is coming up!


Which means new feel-good moments, great comedy, and moments that will even make us cry!

What more could you want?

Last we saw of the gang on 'Fuller House'...


Stephanie and Jimmy welcomed a baby through Kimmy, their surrogate.

Which was just about the most emotional thing on the show thus far, that's for sure.

What can we expect from season 5?


One thing we know for sure is that we will probably find out the name of the new baby that is part of the family!

What else are you hoping to see from the upcoming season?


Or is there anything you're desperately hoping to not see? (I'm sure there's a few things).

Let us know below in the comments!

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