10+ Weird Products That Make Even Weirder Gifts

Since the holidays are here, you might be thinking of Christmas gifts. You'd be right to do so because it's better to be prepared than scrambling for a gift last minute. Especially when you've got some oddballs in your family who won't settle for just a regular gift.

For those people, you actually need to come up with something truly unique only they will "get." I think these gift ideas fit the bill.

1. A Candom


If you like your drinks cold, but don't want to get your hands cold in the process, this "candom" will definitely come to the rescue. TMI.

2. Bicycle Pizza Cutter


Can you imagine someone pulling out this bicycle pizza cutter at their next get together? Everyone would be so impressed, so it makes a perfect gift.

3. Mini Desktop Tube Guy


Let them be the envy of their entire office when they show up after the holidays with this gem to put on their desk. Hours of fun.

4. Pooping Pooches Calendar


Why get just a regular calendar for that joker in your life when this one is so much more unique? Don't you think? Ha, ha.

5. Ceramic Skull Coffee Mug


Because everyone loves to drink their morning cup of java out of a mug that resembles a human skull, no? Or is it just me?

6. Poop And Toilet Paper Keychains


They go together like peanut butter and jelly. Ha, ha. I actually love this gift. I would get one of each for myself. For real.

7. Cat-Opoly


I've been thinking of getting a new copy of Monopoly because I lost mine but maybe I should just get this version instead. It's so meowtastick! LOL!

8. Real Insect Necklace


I might've mentioned once or twice that I'm so not into bugs, but if your weirdo friend is then they'll love these real-life insect necklaces.

9. Solar-Powered Gnome


This sun-powered gnome is surely a conversation piece, if you ask me. Surely someone would want to receive this as a gift, right?

10. Human Eyeball Ring


If a severed finger isn't up your friend's alley, then this human eyeball ring could be a total contender. It's just as creepy to look at.

11. A Pair Of Brass Balls Keychain


Speaking of perfect gifts, this one is definitely ideal for that boss lady in your life. After all, she already has balls! Hee, hee.

12. "Friends" Turkey Heating Pad


Who remembers that iconic scene where Monica wears a turkey on her head? If you have a Friends fan on your list, they'll love this heating pad!

13. Severed Pinky Finger Keychain


For that friend or loved one who's into the creepy and macabre, this fresh severed finger keychain is perfect. No, it's not real. LOL.

14. 'Wizard Of Oz' Bookmark


If you have a book lover on your list of holiday gifts, you gotta get this Wicked Witch of the East bookmark. It's just darling.

15. Great Dane Spaghetti Measuring Tool


For that dog-obsessed person in your life, this great dane spaghetti measuring tool is the best. They'll love the novelty and the useful purpose of this.

16. Potty Putter

Prezzy Box

If you can't find a perfect gift for that man who spends way too much time on the john, you might as well get his this. Ha, ha!

17. Edible Anus

Prezzy Box

Yes, you read that right, these chocolates come shaped like an anus. Who would want to eat that? I guess you outta know. LOL.

18. Bulls**t Button

Prezzy Box

Honestly, I dunno if I would want to give this one away. I would just keep it for that ocassion when someone pisses me off. ROTFL!

19. Twerk Googly Eyes


Well, when you gotta twerk, you gotta twerk. Ain't nobody gonna stop you. Isn't this perfect for that twerk lover in your family?

20. This Sleep Mask


I've been looking for a new sleep mask so I should ask for this one for Christmas. Maybe nobody will bother me anymore when I sleep.

21. Don't Be A Prick Mug

Prezzy Box

Hopefully, this will be a great reminder for the person who gets this mug to be good. Also great for cacti lovers.

22. Awkward Family Photos


I bet you'll have hours of fun going through this book of awkward family photos. What better way to spend your Christmas day?

I was going to give out just regular Christmas gifts this year but looking at these hilarious ideas I might have to reconsider.

They're too good to pass up.

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