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5+ Celebs Who Just So Happen To Have The Exact Same Name

There are so many iconic names in show business that no two can be alike...right?

Well, it actually happens more than you think. And trust me, these celebs are very aware they share names with each other.

1. Kate Hudson and Kate Hudson (AKA Katy Perry)

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Kate Hudson's celebrity name twin: Katheryn Hudson, otherwise known as Katy Perry.

Katy Perry was born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, and actually performed under the name "Katy Hudson" when she was trying to make it as a gospel singer.

She changed her name for a pretty obvious reason.

She didn't want to be confused with Kate Hudson!

That choice followed her to super stardom. She is now a judge on American Idol, has multiple awards and nominations, and owns her own accessory line.

And as for Kate Hudson...

She's a mogul, too. While she started out in movies, she now devotes most of her time to her own fashion venture, FabLetics.

She still appears in films from time to time, like the upcoming Australian musical, Music.

2. Michelle Williams and Michelle Williams

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There's no stage names here, just two women kicking major butt in their respective fields.

Because they share the same name, people often confuse them.

She addressed it in September.

After the actress made a passionate speech about pay equality, commenters went to the wrong Instagram to congratulate (and criticize).

"When you go to my profile, you search for the ‘Michelle Williams,’ I am black. OK?"

And she was a fan of the actress' speech.

"So I am trying to figure out why in the world I am getting cursed out in my comments for Michelle Williams’ speech, which I thought was her truth, which I thought was awesome."

So, remember: one's an actress, one's a singer. And they're both queens.

It happened to the other Michelle, too.

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It happened, "when I took my daughter to see Stevie Wonder. They were like, 'huh?'"

Apparently, the crowd was expecting the other Michelle. However, when she explained, they were all cool with it.

3. Adam Scott and Adam Scott

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You know when you go to make a new social media profile, but someone else already has the @ you wanted?

That must have been a big issue for actor Adam Scott and golfer Adam Scott.

Neither of them got their own name, by the way.

Anyway, you may know actor Adam Scott from the greatest comedy of all time, Parks and Recreation.

The other Adam Scott is an Australian professional golfer who was the #1 golfer in the world in 2014.

4. Michael Douglas and Michael Douglas (AKA Michael Keaton)

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Crazy, huh? Michael Keaton's real name is, in fact, Michael Douglas.

He didn't want to change his name — he was actually forced to, due to the Screen Actors Guild rules on the subject.

Two actors already had that name.

The first was Mike Douglas, a daytime television host. The second, of course, was the iconic Michael Douglas.

Michael Keaton said he picked his new last name out of a phone book he randomly opened.

5. Mark Wahlberg and Mark L. Walberg

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Mark Wahlberg: actor, producer, burger chain owner, has an h in his last name.

Mark L. Walberg: actor, tv personality, game show host, does not have an h in his last name.

They do have one thing in common.

They both like to take pictures of themselves after working out.

Mark L. Walberg has a pretty good sense of humor about sharing his name: his Instagram bio contains the phrase, "not a wahlberger."

6. Randy Jackson and Randy Jackson

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These two have more in common than most of the other celeb name twins on this list: they're both in the same industry.

The music industry, I mean. I feel like it's a given that they're in the entertainment industry. Anyway...

Randy and Randy are both musicians.


Randy Jackson is a Grammy-award winning producer. You probably remember him from when he was a judge on American Idol.

Randy Jackson is the brother of Michael Jackson, and a musician in his own right.