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14+ Giant Dogs Who Are Determined To Be Lap Dogs

Even if your dog is an absolute unit, they still wanna be cuddled and loved, just like any other fur baby.

My own pup is pushing 90 pounds but do you think that stops him from climbing into my lap the minute he spots me sitting on the couch? Nope. He'll clamber right up there like the gangly, lovable goofball he is and settle in for a well-deserved cuddle sesh. And I enjoy every second of it.

Our legs may fall asleep and our airflow might constrict a little but any devoted dog owner out there knows that's a small price to pay to give our wannabe lap dogs all the love we can give.

Here are some more massive floofers who have no clue how big they are.

This looks like a comfy spot.

Reddit | thebeardedcannuck

If you notice, this beloved lap dog's back paw is placed in a pretty precarious spot.

But thankfully, the Redditor says no one rang the doorbell during their cuddle, otherwise he's not sure he'd be able to ever have kids some day.

"'A Rottweiler? Well I must admit I have always preferred lap dogs.' ~Grammy before she met Gus"

Reddit | Fishmike52

If this isn't the sweetest thing you've seen all day then I'm sorry but you're so wrong. Oh, and it gets sweeter:

"Grammy constantly chats with Gus and reminds him what a good boy he is."

Mega cuddles.

These two look so cozy and so pawsitively loved-up, I think my heart just exploded with happiness.

This beautiful lap dog weighs in at just 170 lbs. Light as a feather, one might say.

Reddit | ImmunosuppressivePip

Who needs a weighted blanket when your massive floofer will offer you all the warmth (and weight) you need?

"Two years to the day."

Reddit | therealrico

Personally, I think the bigger story here is that this man never changed his shirt for two years.

But seriously, look at that sweet pup.

A scary thunderstorm will turn any brave pup into a lap dog.

Reddit | theGeneralIdea

Thankfully, she has a loving owner who will give her all the comforting cuddles she needs when it gets a little too loud outside.

"She isn't a baby anymore, but she's still my lap dog...I'm 6 1/2 feet tall."

Reddit | bigstevek2703

A big lap dog for a big man. These two were made for each other and that's just so beautiful.

Oh, when did you get your horse?

Imgur | T0nyWanKenobi

This lap dog isn't fully committed to the whole "lap" thing but he'll pop a squat where he finds his owner, even if that means half -standing, half-sitting on the couch. Super comfy.

Oh, when did you get your wolf?

Reddit | [deleted]

I'm just going to go ahead and assume that this floofy puppy was an extra on the set of Game of Thrones because if they weren't, that would just be a huge missed opportunity.

A very serious man and his very serious lap dog.

Reddit | comecomemybaby

At first I was wondering why these two are sitting out from the couch instead of lying across it. Then, of course, I noticed how small that couch is and realized they made the right decision.

Don't be fooled, there's definitely a person under there somewhere.

Reddit | [deleted]

Notice their arm sticking out from under their massive lap dog? Yep, they're in there. Don't worry, I'm sure they're just soaking up all the love. And the fur.

The look of pure love.

Reddit | STylerMLmusic

You can tell this adorable pup has found the comfiest spot in the house and there's absolutely nowhere else he'd rather be. That's contentment.

Sorry, I can't hear you over my dog.

Reddit | fadedcommunity

I can't get over how cozy this looks. As long as this magnificent floofer isn't piling all their fur onto you in the summer, of course. Then this turns into a very sweaty cuddle.

That smirk though.

Instagram | @jaimepierson

This dog looks like he might actually know he's much too big to be up on her lap. But does that mean he's about to get down? Nahhhhh.


Reddit | kashifmirza

That pup looks like he's having the best day of his life. Meanwhile, his owner looks like she's reconsidering their photo pose because wow he's heavier than she thought he was.

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