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Madonna's Post-Show Routine Includes An Ice Bath And Drinking A Cup Of 'Urine'

Is Madonna okay?

She recently took to Instagram to share what her post-show routine looks like, and it sure is interesting! And, plot twist: it's also kinda adorable.

But still, I have to Madonna okay?!

Madonna is on tour right now.

Jot this down: Madonna. Never. Quits.

She's currently on her Madame X tour, which is basically comprised of her singing while wearing all black and an eyepatch. I mean, from what I can tell.

See? Eyepatch.

Someone please contact Disney and let them know that we no longer require Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise: Madame X Sparrow is here to replace him.

She's also rumored to be dating Ahlamalik Williams.

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He and Madonna have been working together for a while now.

He serves as her choreographer and backup dancer, and was also featured in her video, "God Control," which was a commentary on gun violence in America.

She's on tour in the US right now.

More specifically, California.

She's playing back-to-back shows at The Wiltern. When she's not rocking the house down, she's busy blasting music and taking ice baths.

I would not want to share a wall with her hotel room, tbh.

Her post-show routine starts at 3AM.

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She starts out by sparring with Ahlamalik while bouncing around to some high energy music.

Madonna has more energy in this video than I've ever had in my entire life, and she's 61.

The ice bath awaited.

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She was feeling the music even as she waited to get into the bath. I'm not entirely sure that a half-twerk while sitting at the side of an ice bath could ever be described as cute, but...dammit, it kinda was.

She went in feet first.

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Y'all, the muscles in her thighs? The control she has over her body? I am quaking with jealousy and also admiration.

This is the most intense ice bucket challenge I've ever seen.

And she showed off some injuries.

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She said something about having an ice wound (the music was really loud, okay?) that she was going to submerge in the ice bath.

I don't think she said "knife" wound. If she did, I would have a lot more questions.

The power this has!!!

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Queen of submerging herself in an ice bath like it's no big deal!

Apparently, ice baths help reduce swelling and help kick start the healing process on any injuries. Hence, ice wound.

Her whole team was in there hyping her up.

Ahlamalik sat on the side of the bath and sparred with her a bit more.

I say "sparred," but really they were just kinda doing patty-cakes.

Ice bath dance party? I think yes.

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I'm guessing she had to keep herself super pumped to avoid feeling how cold the bath was. She legit had a dance party by herself in the tub, which is not usually what I do in my tub.

Check this out.

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You can see a huge bruise on her forearm while she's dancing in the tub. Touring must be crazy for her. Madonna is definitely not the kind of person to do anything halfway.

She got so red in the tub.

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She was wearing special rubber socks on her feet that protected them from the cold, so you can see how frickin' cold the bath was.

That redness? She legit looks sunburned.

Then, it was "urine" time.

"It's really good to drink urine after you get out of the frozen bath," she laughed.

It's tea, y'all. Just regular tea that is super yellow. But wow, once she points it out, you really can't unsee her drinking pee.

[Sips tea.]

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Madonna thanks you for your time visiting this article about her.

Now, she has to go back to work, where she wears eyepatches and continues being iconic on the daily.