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'Sesame Street' To Launch New Show For Refugee Children In Arabic

As Sesame Street gets ready to mark its 50th anniversary, the groundbreaking show for children is also making headlines for its international charity work.

The Sesame Workshop is getting ready to launch an ambitious project aimed at helping some of the world's most vulnerable children who are living in refugee camps.

Over the years, "Sesame Street" has helped children tackle difficult issues in an age-appropriate way.

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The iconic children's show made headlines earlier year this with a new character named Karli who lives in foster care.

Now, the show is getting ready to launch a new children's program specifically aimed at children who are refugees.

YouTube | Sesame Street International Social Impact

Sesame Workshop will be teaming up with International Rescue Committee to create educational programming for children living in refugee camps.

Around the world, children have had to flee their countries because of war, environmental disasters, or persecution.

YouTube | Sesame Street International Social Impact

There are very few educational resources available to them once they arrive in a refugee camp.

This new show, which is aimed at children living in Arabic countries, will feature a Muppet named Basma becoming friends with another Muppet named Jad.

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Besides lessons in the alphabet and numbers, this show will specifically look to help children deal with the trauma of leaving their homes.