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14+ Funny Folks Who Know How To Improvise

When you're interviewing for a job, a common question that you may get asked is whether you're good under pressure, or how well you can improvise and adapt to new situations. Everyone always says that they've got improvisational skills coming out of every metaphorical sphincter imaginable, but the people in this list have the hilarious evidence to back it up!

So settle in, grab the Kleenex for those tears of joy, as I present you with 14+ funny folks who know how to improvise.

Important Work Documents

Reddit | LeahM324

I always take work very seriously, especially when its alcoholic work which has been made by fermenting grapes, distilling into a long thin bottle, and then wrapped in a brown paper bag. Mmmm, delicious, delicious work.

"Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads."


So, I have many many questions about how and why this thing exists. However, the most pressing is, how do you close the doors behind you once you're out of the vehicle?

Totally Safe

Reddit | ronan798

I'm fairly certain that the cherry picker's manual might not recommend this as an acceptable use of their equipment.

"My fiancee hates the pet stairs I bought for our dogs, saying they don't even use them. After weeks of attempted training I sent her a pic this morning..."


Looks like someone put the Photoshop free trial to good use!

I Think I Can Spare $10 To Boost My Ego

Reddit | RTengu

Actually, jokes on you, 'cause my crippling lack of self-confidence means that you'd be lucky if you even got $1.

"I got this clever plaque from my department manager at work"

Reddit | _Thrilliam

Ah, a dad joke old enough to be worthy of being honored with a physical form.

This Kid Has A Bright Future

Reddit | xsited1

If you ask a question as vague and stupid as that on an exam, then expect answers that are just as daft back. Although, it does say be creative, and this is pretty creative.

Keep Far Back


Some say he navigates only by his sense of smell, like a dog.

"I think my wife was trying to be clever."

Reddit | perfect_square

I think your wife may have succeeded in being clever. I won a mousetrap at a pub quiz once, it was the second-worst prize I ever won at that quiz.

"My dad's friend brought him a clever birthday cake."

Reddit | jonbenta

Ah, to be 18 again! I can't remember what I was doing when I was 18, but I know it involved not paying rent, having to sort taxes out, and not being tired all the time.

"My friend’s bathroom made me laugh"

Reddit | Jeelana

That toilet looks like it has seen some things. I dread to think what the last person in there did to make it look like this.

A True Horror Story

Reddit | Ronaldfj

The idea of having to go to the IT department in any situation is enough to give me nightmares. Thank goodness Pennywise never turned into a 30-yead-old hipster IT guru telling the audience about how he could improve their online scheduling with some new software... shudders.

The Joke Police

Reddit | Denny_204

Thank goodness for the police and their stellar sense of humor; truly, where would we be without the hilarious boys in blue?

A Better Ending Than The Actual One

Reddit | calebx25

I'll let you insert your own clever Game of Thrones witty toilet pun here, as I've never seen the show but apparently the ending was terrible so I just thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and keep bashing it.

"My nephew wrote the most accurate description of Walmart that I have ever read."

Reddit | InsatiableSarah

The word "bozo" is not used anywhere near enough in today's society. Hopefully, this child's wonderful essay will rekindle a love for this daft word.


Reddit | strebel

And people have the cheek to say that crime ain't pretty. Well, whoever this guy is, he's proving them all wrong with his glittery orbs.

One woman wanted to microwave some rice in a sock for a makeshift heating pad, but had to use popcorn kernels instead.

Reddit | DropItLikeItsHotdogs

Although she technically got what she wanted, that heating pad came at the cost of her sock because it'll probably keep that weirdly bulbous shape forever.

When Grandma comes over, the TV remotes often need a little simplification.

Reddit | GreasedLlama

My favorite part is that giant "No," which probably came after a long, exhausting attempt at explanation. That's what experience tells me, anyway.

The uploader moved into a new place that they soon learned was totally bereft of shower curtain rods.

Reddit | natcatbobat

But rather than sacrifice their shower, they were able to find an honestly ingenious replacement.

When the going gets tough, the tough get Canadian.

What to do when your gas cap simply refuses to stay in place? Well, this person found an answer.

Reddit | visualmp3

It's like they watched Mr. Bean and suddenly thought of a non-absurd reason to put this kind of lock on their car.

We stand on the shoulders of very silly giants.

I'm not sure how effective they are as blinds, but there seems to be one big flaw with this plan.

Reddit | nvalenti27

Namely, that when the toilet paper inevitably runs out, whoever installed this will have to sacrifice their newfound privacy at the worst possible time.

This costume is very clever and seems easy to make, but a lot more difficult to wear.

Reddit | whiteWHD

I can only imagine how this person had to contort themselves to make this work. This is what happens when you mix improvisation with dedication.

Sometimes a costly mistake is simply an opportunity for a very specific blowout sale.

Reddit | Cw_o

Grant is just lucky that rigatoni is my favorite kind of pasta because it looks like I could feed my whole neighborhood with what I used to spend at the arcade as a kid.

Someone is definitely committed to getting this all done in one trip.

Reddit | RottonF1

Hopefully, she doesn't have far to walk because nothing about where she put that lawn chair seems even remotely comfortable.

OK, so technically, this probably wasn't improvised because it looks like it took hours to execute.

Reddit | DecapitatedSalmon

But honestly, who cares? Just look at it and be baffled at how much ambition and skill was at work here.

It looks like you'd have to be a stylist, an artist and an engineer to understand how to do this. This girl might not be able to fit through doors now, but nobody's topping her hairstyle.

The job might not get done quickly, or even right, but at least it'll be done adorably.

Reddit | Habitual_Emigrant

Although that's assuming the sheep will be even slightly OK with some goober sitting on it while it's trying to eat.

That's not what I'd put my money on.

Here we have a guy fishing in a roadside ditch with a life jacket on and a buoy on his bike.

Reddit | SaraHurson

We may laugh now, but he's obviously expecting something that nobody else is.

A flash flood? A surprise visit from Aquaman (which might explain the burger crown)? Whatever it is, I have a feeling that we'll be the ones looking silly when it comes.

I've got to hand it to this person, I've never had a tripod give me so many warm, nostalgic feelings before.

Reddit | MrE851

I also have to admire their restraint in how they played as a kid because I think I might have one in my house that's still intact.

Sorry, I mean "that survived the Clone Wars."

I'm sure there's a fantastic reason why this guy is going around with a TV on his head.

Reddit | ApeCommando

Normally, I wouldn't have much reason to assume that, but he looks way too serious for me to even suggest there was a silly reason behind this.

When the only shoes you can find are too big, you need to get your thinking cap on.

Reddit | rs559

And the solution they came up with is so simple and yet so genius that it'd be pretty hard not to feel proud of it.

"My boyfriend said he made holiday cookies..."

Reddit | radioflea

This is the sort of thing that I end up making when I watch one episode of Bake Off and think that I'm a wizard with a food processor all of a sudden. Also, if you can tell me what the bottom right, yellow cookie of nightmares is, then you win a prize!

"Wow Disney+ is amazing"

Reddit | chelychan

Now everyone can watch Narnia, The Lone Ranger, and National Treasure like they've been looking forward to!

Coming Up For Air

Reddit | quixotesque

Confused glugging sounds as diver checks the tank.

"With some left over marble, we made a grave for a snake"

Reddit | Kitebart

I believe the technical term is a sarcobragus! (Snake-themed burial puns are few and far between btw).