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14+ Rare Pics Of Celebrities Most People Haven't Seen Before

There are few things in this world as satisfying as a really good throwback pic.

Old pictures like these remind us not only of the good old days (and we all know we need some of that right now), but also of how far people have come.

In this case, how far some of our favorite celebrities have come.

Let's take a walk down memory lane with these rare celeb pics!

Christian Bale

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Long before he put on the cape (and the mask, and the gloves, and the — you get it), Christian Bale was just a straight chiller who enjoyed wearing baggy jeans.

Sigourney Weaver

Kino Images

Here's a rare look at Sigourney Weaver behind the scenes of Alien 3. To prepare to take on the role of Ellen Ripley, she had her entire head shaved. The dedication that takes? Queen.

Snoop Dogg

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I wonder if this young man had any idea that he'd grow up to be best friends with Martha Stewart? And that they'd legit share a TV show together? Dear past Snoop: your life turned out pretty wild.

Sean Connery

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What, don't you learn lines while doing push-ups?

This is Sean Connery in his James Bond era, learning lines for Moonraker (you know, the one where James Bond goes to space).

Ewan McGregor

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I knew it. I knew Ewan McGregor was a fellow band nerd. We can recognize each other on sight, you know?

This is Ewan in his teens, clearly freshly done with french horn practice and eager to do a photo shoot with it.

Justin Timberlake, Jennifer McGill and Ryan Gosling

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Guys. The power this picture has. The influence. The impact.

During their Mickey Mouse Club days, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling actually lived together. Ryan stayed with Justin's family when his mom had to go back to Canada for work.

Chevy Chase

Twitter | @gabrielmattos

The key to a successful existence is to have your shirt announce everything for you. For instance, I once owned a shirt that said, "my cat hates you." I mean, I was 15 when I owned it, but anyway.

A young Chevy Chase wasn't interested in explaining anything about his name. Respect.

Steve Buscemi

Facebook | Brotherhood of Fire

Did you know Steve Buscemi was a firefighter before becoming an actor?

On 9/11, he rejoined the FDNY and assisted emergency services in searching for survivors in the rubble of the World Trade Centers. He worked 12-hour shifts for several days.

Chris Pratt

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Before Chris Pratt was a Marvel superhero, he was a server at a Bubba Gump's restaurant in Hawaii. I know, because I've been there and they like to talk about it a lot.

Leonard Nimoy


Look at that giant nerd.

No, really — he was a huge nerd. In 1967, he put out an album that featured a song called, "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins." Yup, Spock wrote a song about The Hobbit.

Drew Barrymore and Billy Idol

Idol Family Archive

Um, this is crazy. This was in 1985, three years after E.T. the Extra Terrestrial was released.

In 1998, Billy Idol would help Adam Sandler propose to Drew The Wedding Singer, of course.

Robert Downey Jr.

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This is the most RDJ picture that I've ever seen. The fact that the shirt collar matches the pants leads me to believe he has a full, like, romper on. Or that he loved that pattern so much he bought it on a shirt and a pair of pants.

Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford

Reddit | OldSchoolCool

Guys, I miss Carrie Fisher so much.

This shot of Mark, Carrie, and Harrison was taken during the production of The Empire Strikes Back. You know, right before Luke made a bed out of a Tauntaun. Ew.

John Travolta and Gerard Depardieu


There' much going on here. Why were these two hanging out? Why is John Travolta on what I thought was a tricycle, but is actually what looks like the world's tiniest four-wheeler?

Steven Spielberg

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Hey, what did you do in your late 20s? Because Steven Spielberg was kinda busy directing one of the most iconic movies of all time.

I suddenly feel so unaccomplished, yet so grateful I was never near that shark.

Chris Hemsworth

Instagram | @chrishemsworth

How adorable is baby Thor? I mean, just look at him! Clearly Chris Hemsworth has been a charmer since the time he was able to walk.

The actor posted this photo via Instagram to wish his mum a happy Mother's Day!

Johnny Depp

New Line Cinema

A lot of people forget that Johnny Depp's first starring role was in the 1984 horror classic A Nightmare On Elm Street.

His death scene is one of the most famous horror sequences in the history of the genre.

Katy Perry

Twitter | @rarephotos3

Could Katy look any more '90s here? I know you can't see her arms but if you could, I'd wager she'd have at least 5 different friendship bracelets on.

I am a fan of the blonde hair though, that I will admit.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez

Twitter | @rarephotos3

"And they called it, puppy love..."

This picture just melts my heart. Justin and Selena have created a modern-day Lady and the Tramp moment and I absolutely love them for it.

I also always appreciate a good photobomb!


Twitter | @rarephotos3

This looks like one of those photos your parents used to make you take on the landing of the stairs before heading off to your first school dance.

Judging by the way Rihanna isn't looking at the camera, clearly she's been battling the paparazzi her whole life.

Beyoncé & Lance Bass

Twitter | @rarephotos3

Talk about a throwback! This had to have been taken from N'SYNC's 'No Strings Attached Tour'. Back then, Beyoncé was still touring and performing with Destiny's Child!

Can you imagine if they did a reunion tour?! I'd lose my mind.

Harry Styles

Twitter | @rarephotos3

I really don't know what's happening in this picture? From what I can gather, Harry looks as if he's attempting his very best "Mr. Burns impression."

I can practically see him wringing his hands, proclaiming aloud, "Excellent!"

Justin Bieber...again!

Twitter | @rarephotos3

Come on, just look at that smile! Baby Biebs had it going on. I love the backdrop, too! Clearly, this was taken back in Justin's early grade school days.

For as long as I live, I'll never forget elementary school picture days.

Taylor Swift

Instagram | @rarephotos3

Doesn't this look exactly like a Taylor Swift album cover? It's almost like even back then she knew she was going to be a star.

Beware of Kanye West, young Taylor! He's only going to make you cry.

Kendall Jenner

Twitter | @rarephotos3

So I can't exactly decide if Kendall had someone spill something on her head or if a bird pooped on her face?

From the way she appears to be laughing, I'll go with "spill," but I can't be sure of that.

Jennifer Lawrence

Twitter | @rarephotos3

I can practically picture the photographer saying "Come on, Jennifer! Give me some range!" and the young actress just glaring at him in the evilest way imaginable.

These pictures scream "I'm annoyed, please stop now."

Shailene Woodley

Twitter | @rarephotos3

There is a lot going on here. Both outfits are incredibly representative of the times, which is now making me realize just how uncool I truly was as a kid growing up.

Shailene's confidence almost lets you forgive the fashion faux pas. Almost...

Austin Mahone

Twitter | @rarephotos3

Austin is practically a baby in this picture! The haircut is definitely not doing him any favors but that smile hasn't changed a bit!

Quick aside, remember when Aeropostale sweaters were a thing? I think I still have at least three of them.

Lucy Hale

Twitter | @rarephotos3

Lucy looks pretty much the exact same as she did when this picture was taken!

Credit to her for keeping a smile... It can't be comfortable sitting on a jagged rock face while wearing the world's shortest denim skirt.

Miley Cyrus

Twitter | @rarephotos3

Did Miley invent duckface or was she just one of the early pioneers? Make sure to notice the first generation iPhone she's using, too!

Bathroom selfies have really come a long way since then and I guess we have Miley to thank in-part for the progress?

Vanessa Hudgens

Twitter | @rarephotos3

You're too close, Vanessa!

So what are we to think here... Is she showing off her freshly whitened teeth? A new shade of lip gloss perhaps? I know this is rude but I can't stop looking at her fingernail. It's creepy.