People Are Turning Their Eyebrows Into Christmas Trees

Makeup can be such a great way to express yourself. Not only can it make you look beautiful and give you more confidence, but if you're really creative it can also be a great artistic outlet.

So it's no surprise that makeup artists are now coming up with unusual ways to style their looks, and one big trend this time of the year is Christmas-themed eye makeup.

Apparently this talented makeup artist was a bit disappointed with her newly created "bauble" brows but I can't really understand why.

This looks fabulous to me, and it's so festive!

Wow, talk about getting festive here.

This is not a look I would ever think of, but now that I see it I'm starting to really like it.

Check out this tutorial of how this pretty lady does her holiday-inspired brows and you'll be blown away.

This look is so awesome. I have to say I'm really impressed.

And here's a lighter color palette of the whole take on Christmas-inspired brows.

I love her unique use of colors here. They're not the typical dark and green Christmas hues.

This look is slightly different than the others and I really like this lady's take on it.

It looks like the Christmas wreaths are literally floating on the eyebrows.

And if you're looking for something a little bit more subtle, then this look may be more up your alley.

Instagram | @leyhanns_lashes

No need for heavy eye shadow here. So pretty.

On the other hand, this look is all about the bold eye.

Instagram | @leyhanns_lashes

I love the use of three holiday colors to highlight the eye and create those ornaments. Wow!

If glitter is what you're craving this holiday season, this look might just be it.

Turn yourself into a sparkly snowflake when you follow this lady's lead.

Be a shining star with this super glamorous holiday-themed eyebrow look.

Instagram | @estheca_officiel

This is both bold and beautiful. Are you a fan of a look like this? What do ya think?

Oh my, this is definitely an eye-opening look.

Instagram | @estheca_officiel

Isn't it? This is the type of eye makeup that will make you stand out this holiday season, so I say, go for it!

If you're looking for something not overly complicated when it comes to your makeup this Christmas this super cute look is something that's easy to pull off.

Instagram | @estheca_officiel

Perfect for an office Christmas party!

And speaking of simple yet beautiful makeup ideas, I think this look has got it.

This is really unique but really easy to accomplish even if you're not a pro.

And if eyebrows aren't your thing you can also opt for something like this instead.

Who knew you could create some holiday holly right on your eyes? Wowza!

So what do you think of this beauty trend of creating holiday-themed eyebrows and similar looks?

Are you diggin' it? Or is this a little too much for you?

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