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Model Says She Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth

Most expecting parents take those nine months of pregnancy to prep for their upcoming arrival. However, the couple in this story had all of 10 minutes before their lives were changed forever by their unexpected bundle of joy.

Erin Langmaid is a model based in Australia.

The 23-year-old is represented by Neon Models and has over 11,000 followers on Instagram.

In her personal life, Erin's long-term partner is her boyfriend, Dan Carty.

The couple recently celebrated their two-year anniversary. Congrats!

Besides their anniversary, the couple also had something else to celebrate.

The two recently became parents, even though they had no idea that Erin was even pregnant, let alone on the verge of giving birth.

On October 29, Erin was feeling sick and went to use the bathroom.

After about 10 minutes, Dan heard Erin scream and went to help her. He wasn't prepared for what he saw.

It took Dan a moment to realize that Erin was holding a baby.

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"I heard a scream and I ran in there and then I saw the little one and I thought, hang on there's two," he said in an interview with 7NEWS.

Once he was over the initial shock, Dan called paramedics as he and Erin realized the baby wasn't breathing.

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With some coaching from emergency personnel over the phone, they were able to get the newborn girl breathing in time.

Paramedics came and took Erin and their baby girl to hospital.

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Despite her unexpected arrival, their daughter, Isla, is perfectly healthy and everyone is doing great.

Isla weighed a little over 7 pounds at birth, but Erin maintains that nothing was out of the ordinary during those months where she was unknowingly pregnant.

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"I wasn't showing obviously because I fit into everything. It's just really bizarre," Erin said in an interview.

Erin says she had also been using contraceptive injections and had no symptoms of pregnancy at all.

In this photo, she's about six months pregnant, but she didn't gain any weight during the pregnancy.

When Erin gave birth, doctors estimate that she was about 37-weeks along.

In these photos taken just a few weeks before she gave birth, Erin has no noticiable baby bump or any other physical symptoms of pregnancy.

Isla's surprising birth story has also made international news, and people have reached out to the couple to congratulate them.

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This family's unique birth story has certainly captured the world's attention.

While a pregnancy like Erin's can be unusual, it's not entirely uncommon.

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It's estimated that 1 in 2500 women don't realize they are pregnant until they're in labor. The phenomenon is known as a "cryptic" or "stealth" pregnancy.

The family has spoken to the media and everyone is recovering well.

"I'm still in shock, but you just adjust and this is our life now. We wouldn't change it," Erin said in an interview with a local news outlet.

For now, the family is settling into their new life with their surprise gift.

Every baby and birth story is unique, but it would be hard to top the drama of this one!