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Céline Dion Is Going Viral For Revealing Her Favorite Meal

National treasure — wait, sorry. International treasure Céline Dion has revealed a fun fact about herself, and guys? It's frickin' iconic.

Also, if you ordered a side of Céline Dion singing about her favorite meal, I can have the kitchen prepare that.

Céline just wrapped up her Las Vegas residency.

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She was a resident at Caesar's Palace for 8 years.

Now, she's setting out on her first US tour in a decade, called the Courage Tour. Okay, queen, let's do this. I'm ready to buy tickets.

She stopped by CBS This Morning to talk about it.


She invited Gayle King to a backstage interview in Cleveland, where she was on one of her first tour stops.

The interview was, like, half-normal, half-fever dream.

So, Céline in a nutshell.

She takes touring incredibly seriously.

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"It doesn't matter where you are. It doesn't matter how long you've been doing it because every time you do it, you have to do it like it's the first time. And that's the way it feels," she said.

Okay, time for the lightning round.


AKA while we're all here.

So, here's how this is gonna work. Gayle is going to ask Céline a question, Céline is going to answer, and then you guys are going to provide your own personal answers in the comments.

I will also answer, because why not?

Gayle started off easy.

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Favorite song to perform live?

"Okay, 'Courage.'"

"Courage" is a brand-new Celine song — like, brand new, as in "the album drops tomorrow" new.

The music video for "courage" debuted literally yesterday.

Gayle stuck to the music arena for the next question.

"That’s good. Favorite song on your playlist that’s not yours?"

"Too many, but LP songs, and Sia…"

Gayle agreed, she also loves Sia.

(My current fave song is "Like a Girl" by Lizzo, please share yours. Thanks.)

Next up: movies.

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A movie she can watch over and over?

"All of them. Whatever my kids want. Because I love them so much, they pick the movie, even if I’ve watched them —"

Gayle could relate.


"You’ll watch them again," she sort of interrupted.

"— 65 times."

I was going to be shocked at watching something 65 times, but I'm sure that's the amount of times I've seen Back to the Future, sooo...

Wait, okay, these are real answers.

"But, for example, Monsters, Inc. is so great, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Nanny McPhee, and…oh, I can’t pick one!"

Taste: Céline clearly has it. Okay, now tell me your repeat-worthy movies.

Time for the food question.

Oh, y'all. It's about to get so weird in here.

Gayle asked her what her favorite meal is.

"It’s not really a meal. It’s different things. I love peanut butter so bad."

I...same, sure.

She's right, though. It's so not a meal.

And then she just...started singing the peanut butter jelly song?

"Peanut butter jelly, Peanut butter jelly, Peanut butter jelly, Peanut butter jelly, with a baseball bat."

So, that happened in the year 2019. Old memes are new again! Céline said so.

She did have a real answer, though.

"But meal would be like Baba ghanoush, hummus, Lebanese food."

Those...are foods that aren't peanut butter! Score!

God bless Gayle, she just rolled with things as if Céline Dion didn't just sing about peanut butter in front of her.

So, elsewhere in the lightning round:


"A show you recently binged?"

Céline didn't understand what "binged" means. Gayle explained that it's a show you watched a ton of episodes of in a row.

(My most recent one is Riverdale. Yes, I am ashamed of that answer.)

She isn't really into TV.

Can't relate, but I respect her.

"I rarely watch TV, but Sheldon," she said. "Oh my gosh. Yes. I love it, Young Sheldon."

Gayle agreed. that what boomers watch? Young Sheldon? Is that still on? Interesting.

One last question.


"And, describe your life in one word."

Céline didn't even need to think for that one. It was instinctual.

"Perfect. My life is perfect."

(My answer is "chaotic." Tell me yours, please and thank you.)