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Vintage Volkswagen Beetles Are Being Upcycled Into Minibikes For A Nostalgic Ride

The Volkswagen Beetle has a prominent place in pop culture, not the least of which is thanks to Disney's Herbie franchise. Easily distinguishable by its bulbous appearance and round headlights that make it look like a cute animal, it remains a pioneer in efficient engineering and a beloved part of many a baby boomer's youth.

Now, one designer by the name of Brent Walter is keeping the memory alive by upcycling vintage Beetle parts into minibikes he's dubbed "Volkspod."

In a super creative upcycling move, they're made from vintage VW Beetle fenders.

The cute little vehicles look like the scooter version of Kevin from the Minions.

Vintage is the name of the game with these cuties, as the designer has two prototypes made in the original colors the Beetle came in.

Instagram | @walter_werks

The pastel blue and birch green colors will surely resonate with the boomer generation, which was around when the Beetle first launched. Although they won't go nearly as fast as the OG, since they only have a 79cc engine.

The minibikes are just two iterations of several upcycled Beetle hybrids.


The Beetle's production was halted this year, but hybrid vehicles made from its vintage parts are popping up. From "Bug Campers" to a sustainable electric version, it's clear we haven't seen the last of this beloved vehicle.

Just look at how cute these bad boys are.

Here's hoping they make it past Brent's imagination and onto the roads.

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