8+ Ways To Turn Dollar Store Candles Into Fabulous Holiday Decor

Nothing creates ambiance and a sense of coziness more than a gorgeous burning candle. It adds a touch of class to any decor! But buying gussied-up holiday candles can get pricey.

We've gathered a number of examples of how you can transform standard dollar store pillar candles into cute, sophisticated, and original decor pieces. All it takes are a few basic craft items and some imagination. Before you know it, your home will be aglow with the warmth of the holidays.

1. Cinnamon stick showstoppers

This cinnamon stick DIY is so easy and the result is so chic, your guests will be blown away. All it takes are cinnamon sticks, a rubber band to hold them to the edge of the candles, and some decorative twine.

Head over to Home Stories A to Z for the tutorial.

2. Jolly snowmen


Nothing like a sprinkling of Frosty the Snowman-inspired candles to up your holiday decor. These snowmen are super easy to make and are a fun project to do with the kids. Grab your glue gun, gather up some stray buttons, holiday ribbon, magic markers, and black twist ties, and get decorating.

Here's an easy tutorial.

3. Elegant evergreen


These elegant and easy to DIY candle holders will add a dash of chic to your table. All you need are some evergreen plants, spray adhesive, and stemmed candle holders. The result is a glam accessory that will wow your guests.

Check out the tutorial at Handimania.

4. Sensational snowflakes


Talk about a gorgeous add-on! These snowflake candles are so easy to make and pack some serious wow factor. Get white jar candles, some thin, flexible snowflake ornaments, and glue.

A few tips: Be sure to clean the outside of the jar with rubbing alcohol and let it dry before adhering the snowflakes. To keep them in place as the glue dries, wrap the jars in a piece of wax paper and hold it in place with a string.

5. Beautiful bells


Further proof that not all holiday decor needs to follow the red-and-green mantra, these candles wrapped in twine and trimmed with brass bells are simple, striking, and festive.

6. Glam glitter


Who doesn't love a little glitter during the holidays? (Or, you know, on a Tuesday.) These glitter candles are crazy easy to make. Pick up a pillar candle by its wick, cover with spray glue, and roll it in glitter. Stand it upright and let dry.

7. Crafty Christmas


This DIY tutorial courtesy of Hometalk takes an upcycling approach to decorating pillar candles. Dig through your old Christmas crafts, and create something beautiful and new. (The only hitch is that you probably shouldn't light these candles.)

8. Fragrant and festive


What I love most about these DIY candles is that they're visually pleasing as well as aromatic. Even better: you can keep these on the dinner table without worrying that the scent will interfere with your meal. Who doesn't love the smell of rosemary while they're eating?

9. Simple snowmen


Sometimes you like to keep things quick, simple, and foolproof. These simple snowman candles are just the thing. All you need is a sharpie and some reasonable drawing skills.

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