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Pink Has Announced She's 'Taking A Break From Music'

We'll all have to Raise A Glass to Pink to salute her contribution to music through all these years. Although we're begging her to Just Give Me A Reason for taking a break, we all know that the music industry can create some Beautiful Trauma.

So, What am I talking about? (Okay, that's the last one, I promise.)

Pink has had a huge career.

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With chart topping albums, singles, and best selling tours, it would be hard to argue that Pink isn't one of the most iconic musicians of our generation.

It looks like she needs a break, though.

At the CMAs this week, Pink announced that she was going to be taking a break from music.

During an interview with ET on the red carpet, Pink said when asked if she was planning on taking a break from music, "Yeah, we did two and a half years, and Willow's back in school now..."

"Jameson's gonna start preschool soon, so it's kind of the year of the family," she said, referring to her young children.

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Pink also mentioned wanting to give her husband, off-road truck racer Carey Hart, a chance to explore his career.

"Carey has a lot going on as well," she shared. "He is super supportive. He follows me around the world, and now it's his turn."

Pink and Carey are celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary this year, so it makes sense for them to want to be able to spend some more quality time together.

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"He deserves a trophy," Pink joked about their long-lasting marriage, adding that the secret to their longevity is that "We fight nicer."

We hope you enjoy your time off, Pink, but we'll definitely be missing you!