10+ 'Lucifer' Fan Theories That Will Probably Come True

These are the theories we're all pretty sure are going to come true in the next and final season of Lucifer.

Think any of these have some validity? Do you believe any of them? Or do you have any of your own?

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1. The Sinnerman is Pierce


There is a lot to go with this theory as well.

Not only is Pierce the Sinnerman, but the Sinnerman is also Cain from the bible story.

Cain was cursed and marked to walk the earth forever. Also, Cain killed his brother, and Pierce said that's what the Sinnerman did.

2. The 5th season will take place in Hell


We've already seen some behind-the-scenes photos of what looks like Hell, so we know that at least one scene will take place in the Eternal Pit.

But some fans think the entire last season will take place in hell.

3. Ella Lopez is going to Hell


Alright, folks, this is a long one, so keep your pants on.

So this theory comes from a Reddit user named Sent_Angel_Of_Death and he believes things will kick off the final season by giving Ella Lopez a choice.

"What if in the first episode there is an incident where Ella is forced to make a choice to save someone she loves..."


"Or even a scene where she decides to take revenge after her brother (who was the diamond thief in a previous season is murdered), but with this sacrifice or act of revenge she commits a sin worthy of damning her to the underworld."

But wait, there's another fan theory attached to this one!

When she does this unredeemable act, the archangel Michael (who you'll recognize as the guy who's supposed to lead God's armies against Lucifer's legions of hell) will see she's done this and get super cheesed.

4. Michael will come down to earth to send Ella there


But he'll get too pissed off in his attempted murder of the main characters that he will become the new Devil.

In that battle, Lucifer would be killed, which would lead to the next fan theory.

5. Lucifer will go to heaven.


At the end of the series, our heroes are standing at the pearly gates (Ella, Chloe and of course, Lucifer) and they'll have finally made it to the promised land.


6. Lucifer once again becomes the archangel Samael


After all is said and done, and Lucifer and Chloe stand at the pearly gates, she tells Lucifer that she loves him.

He responds: "I love you. By the way, my real name is Samael".

7. The meaning behind Chloe being blessed


A lot of people have speculated as to what it could mean. Sure she makes Lucifer weak around her, but does she have any powers?

Some people think that it means Chloe can enter heaven or hell without being dead.

8. Nothing will change


There are some people who believe that the show will just start up as normal.

Lucifer will just be back from Hell like nothing ever happened. And the show will go on.

9. Lucifer will be redeemed in the eyes of God


As we all know from the end of Season 4, Lucifer made a sacrifice in order to save someone that he loved.

This may be the act that redeems the devil once and for all.

10. There will be a time jump.


This isn't going to be one of those series that picks up right where we left off according to fans.

They think a couple of years are going to go by before Season 5 starts.

11. Neil Gaiman is god.


There are some people who say that the writer Neil Gaiman is going to make an appearance as God and that he will talk to Lucifer.

They would probably have him say something profound or enlightening.

12. Neil Gaiman is NOT god.


There are other people who think that Lucifer will mistake Neil Gaiman for God, show him his full devil state, realize his mistake and then traumatize poor Neil Gaiman forever.

I kind of like that theory!