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The Royal Family Spoke With BBC So They Can Head To Television

Yes, it seems as though the royal family... might be getting their own TV show?

Wow, we now live in a world where the royal family will have a reality show! I think it's very obvious that it won't be a Keeping Up With The Kardashians situation but needless to say, no matter what it is, it'll be interesting.

Okay, unless you live under a rock or just really hate the news, you should know that Kate Middleton is marrited to Prince William.

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She was actually one of Time's most influential people.

She is a royal, a fashion icon, and she seems to be an all-around great person.

But you might be hearing about her more often soon! Because the Royal family might be coming to your TV screens.


Recently, it was reported that the Duchess of Cambridge herself was meeting with the BBC, which immediately sparked rumors of a TV show.

And considering they have an actress in their midst, it may not be such a crazy idea.

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Meghan Markle (of Suits fame) married into the royal family a couple of years ago.

So if they need any advice on producing/being in a TV show, she'd be the one to ask.

So what can we expect from this show?

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Something classy, with a lot of potential drama, a la Downton Abbey? Or perhaps something trashy and in your face, a la The Real Housewives?

Is anyone else secretly hoping for the latter?

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