New Photo From 'Lucifer' Season 5 Shows Devil's Visitor In Hell

Well, it looks like we'll finally be getting a tour around hell.

I hope it's as nice as they say it is, with all that beachfront property, beautiful weather and the wails of the tortured damned.

But it probably won't be, because remember, Hell was so bad that even Satan wanted to get out of it.

We're gearing up for the last season of 'Lucifer'.


(Feels like everything is ending this year, doesn't it?)

And as you remember from last season, we left things off on a bit of a heartbreaker. Scratch that, a lot of a heartbreaker.

As we know, Detective Chloe Decker finally confesses her love for Lucifer.


Who I will remind you is literally Satan (she must have a thing for bad boys).

Alas, he must return to his kingdom of hell to stop runaway demons from destroying the earth. And that's where we last left our heroes.

So in this picture from Season 5, we see that one character goes to Hell.

Entertainment Weekly

This photo given to Entertainment Weekly shows that Lucy's brother, the angel Amenadiel, is going to visit him in his domain.

It looks pretty creepy and like a place that Amenadiel doesn't want to be.

Seems like we've come a long way from the 'Divine Comedy'.


No word about clowns and funhouses from Dante, so maybe Lucifer has done some remodeling since he was last visited by the Italian poet.

They probably took some interior design tips from John Wayne Gacy.