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Vlasic And Slim Jim Are Teaming Up To Release A Dill Pickle-Flavored Slim Jim

I don't know exactly what it is about pickles, but people are all about them as of late.

From chocolate-covered pickles, to gummy pickles, and pickle Oreos, the options for pickle-flavored food items seem to be endless.

Vlasic is a household name when it comes to anything pickle.

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Well, duh — they are a pickle brand, after all.

They've been dabbling in other parts of the food universe, however.

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For example, they're looking to develop their very own pickle chip.

But fiirst, they're teaming up with Slim Jim to create a dill pickle-flavored meat stick.

Slim Jim

Which, oddly, sounds pretty good.

The mouth-puckering vinegary and tangy flavor of dill pickle paired with the spiciness from a Slim Jim actually sounds like a match made in savory snack heaven.

Like I said before, pickle flavor is pretty popular.

According to WCHS 8, Slim Jim's new flavor move comes from data suggesting dill pickles are on significantly more menus over the past four years.

The Vlasic Dill Pickle Slim Jim should be in stores now, although they were not clear what exact date in November they would be released.

Will you be giving the dill pickle-flavored Slim Jim a try? Let us know!