Stop Surviving, Start Living

Diply 24 Jan 2018

A nick of time can tick at different paces, and despite technically being the longest thing you'll ever do, life somehow manages to be shorter than a marriage from The Bachelorette.

It's also pretty easy if you think about it — all you have to do is exist and eat food and breathe and stuff, but I mean, that life sounds less satisfying than a slice of pizza from 7-Eleven, so I think I'd rather not. (Apparently, life is technically a lot of things...)

It can be really hard when you try and do all sorts of awesome Xena warrior princess type shit, but the terrain gets tougher and tougher. This comes with the territory though, because the more you wanna do, the more you have to conquer, and the more obstacles you're going to encounter.

So let's get real for a second. You're already staring up from the base of a mountain; let's go over some ways to lighten the load so it doesn't feel like you're climbing that bad boy in six-inch stilettos.

Firstly, you need to take a note from the Spice Girls and STOP. RIGHT NOW.

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Stop being a dick to yourself and others. Stop putting money on a pedestal. Stop doing things you hate because of some bizarre sense of obligation you got from scrolling through social media. Stop trying to do everything faster. Stop giving a damn about what other people think and "like." Stop selling yourself short. Stop whining and making bullshit excuses that nobody buys anyway.

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I know, that was a lot. But you've got this.

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It's super easy to stop doing things, and it's honestly way less effort than, well, actually doing things, so that part should be pretty easy-peasy squeezy lemons.

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Okay, next you need to start.

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Start doing what you love often. Start exploring and learning shit. Start looking beyond the facades of people — Instagram is NOT real life. Start to appreciate the things around you. Start treating people how you wanna be treated. Start doing things out of love instead of fear. Start taking care of yourself like the queen you are.

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Do you want a better life? Then get it, girl! DAMN.

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Stop procrastinating. Start now.

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