10+ Problematic Women On Television That Shows May Regret

Before you come at us, don't worry, we do plenty of problematic men lists too.

But there are some women on television shows that are just the worst! They lie, they cheat, they manipulate, and they murder!

So here are the worst of the worst!

Carrie Bradshaw


From Sex In The City. Starting off our list is a woman who was totally and completely selfish.

She always made things about her. And also, she cheated on Aidan and treated him terribly.

Lily Aldrin


From How I Met Your Mother.

She was painted to be this golden girl, but she was so selfish and rude. Not to mention totally manipulative.

This show, in general, was problematic.

Rory Gilmore


From Gilmore Girls.

She may seem sweet, but she was totally entitled and self-centered. Like her mom, she made bad decision after bad decision.

Like sleeping with Dean while he was in a relationship! Really, Rory?

Paige McCullers


From Pretty Little Liars.

This lady was a total and complete homophobe, making anti-gay comments whenever the mood struck.

Oh, and she was emotionally manipulative to boot.

April Kepner


From Grey's Anatomy.

Selfish, selfish, selfish! She constantly gives other characters nasty ultimatums and thinks that her beliefs should come before anyone else's!

This show is filled with problematic women...seriously.

Jenny Humphrey


From Gossip Girl. Not a controversial pick here: this girl was hated by fans.

This good girl turned rebellious teen caused a whole lot of problems for people and their relationships.

When she moved to a different town, no one shed a tear.

Andrea Harrison


From The Walking Dead. She's not the most problematic woman on this list, to be fair. She just had a terrible judge of character.

Oh, plus, she completely ditched her friends for a psychopath and didn't look back.

Serena Joy


From The Handmaid's Tale. This woman is inhumane, abusive and straight-up evil.

And sure, we get an explanation as to why she does what she does in Season 2...but why would she uphold the government that subjugates her?

Patty Bladell


From Insatiable.

This girl may have been bullied, but she destroyed the lives of everyone around her in order to get her revenge.

She ruined reputations and even killed someone!

Piper Chapman


From Orange Is The New Black.

You'd think after spending some time in prison, she would get a lot less entitled and whiny.

But nope, throughout the series, the entitledness and whininess just seem to grow.

Dawn Summers


From Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

We don't hate you, Dawn. We just hate that you're so damn needy.

The whole sixth season seemed to be about you! Dawn needs this, Dawn needs that. It's too much!

Marnie Michaels


From Girls. This woman just had such a desperate need for attention.

She also has a total lack of self-awareness.

You know what? All the girls from 'Girls'


Not just because they were whiny and needy, but they attempted to represent the struggles of all women...while mostly being white and privileged.

You went against the exact thing you were trying not to be, Girls.

Meredith Grey


From Grey's Anatomy. You may disagree with me on this one, but this lady really can't stick to one emotion.

Her emotions about Derek are constantly fluctuating, and she doesn't often think of others before making decisions.

Kimmy Gibbler


From Fuller House. She was a lingerer.

She lingered around the house when it was a Full House, and now that the house has become a little fuller, she's no less of a lingerer.

Madison Sinclair


From Veronica Mars.

This girl was the worst. Not only did she relentlessly torment a gay student, but she was also part of the reason that Veronica eventually got raped.

Janice Litman


From Friends.

And no, it wasn't because her voice was annoying. While she was still married, she was sleeping with Chandler (and then went back to her husband, breaking his heart).

Paige Jennings


From The Americans.

This oldest child started off pretty annoying, but she got much worse as the series went on.

Especially when she told their pastor that her parents were Russian spies and made everyone's life difficult.

Angelica Pickles


From The Rugrats. This kid was bad. Bad, bad, bad.

She was a brat and constantly tried to manipulate the babies into doing her bidding. Plus, she straight up bullied them.



From Sex In The City.

This woman had such a strict way of behaving she expected everyone to adhere too.

And god help you if you didn't. You'd be on her bad list for the whole episode, at least.

Julie Taylor


From Friday Night Lights. This girl was a total brat, constantly pouting about something and arguing with her parents, who were pretty great people.

Also, she's a cheater, which is downright despicable.



From The Sopranos.

Sure, this show was filled to the brim with thieves, liars, cheaters, and people who would betray you in an instant.

But when Janice did it, for some reason, it felt dirty.

Serena Van der Woodson


From Gossip Girl. Sure, she was on a trashy teen drama, but did she have to be...well, so dramatic?

Plus, she was totally selfish, and always pitying herself for any reason she could. She played the victim constantly.

Jess Day


From New Girl. We get it, Jess. You're quirky. You're random.

It doesn't distract from the fact that you can be incredibly selfish, and never take into account what other people want.

Marie Schrader


From Breaking Bad. Did... did she even need to be in this show?

The show is great, despite this really obnoxious character always muddying up the screen with her annoying presence.

Debbie Gallagher


From Shameless.

At the start, we all stood up for Debbie because really, she was just a child! But honestly, she put Fiona through hell as she was growing up, ignoring all the sacrifices Fiona made for her.

Dana Brody


From Homeland. She started out okay.

The relationship between her and her father was pretty cool, to begin with. But then she started getting way too angsty, and her behavior was loathed by audiences.



From The West Wing. You may not remember this character, and it's probably because the people behind The West Wing don't want you too.

She was so annoying they booted her off in the second season!



From Friends. Ross has had a lot of relationships (and a couple of divorces), but this one was warranted.

She was controlling but overall, she just annoyed Friends fans everywhere.

Thank god he didn't say her name.



From Dawson's Creek.

There are people who are uptight about the rules, and then there's Andie.

She was so darn naggy throughout the whole series, not to mention a little crazy.



From Roswell. This alien was awful, and I know she's an alien, but tricking someone into impregnating you just can't be forgiven.

Whether she's from another planet or not.

Terri Schuester


From Glee.

She wasn't just needy and whiny, this woman was self-absorbed as well.

And lest we forget that she faked a pregnancy just to keep her husband, who understandably wanted to leave her.