10+ Rare Pics From 'Sesame Street' Fans Haven't Seen

This TV show that we all loved as kids is going to have it's 50th anniversary soon, so let's take a look at the last fifty years in these awesome behind-the-scenes photos!

Be warned: they will make you tear up a bit. Nostalgia has some serious effects on us, people.

The set in 1969


This is the cast and crew getting all geared up to tape a show all the way back in 1969.

Amazing how the show has been on since our parents were kids!

Jim Henson with Bert


For those of you who don't know, Jim Henson was the legendary puppeteer behind some of our favorite Sesame Street characters.

Here he is making a baby laugh with Bert in 1970.

Kermit waiting to go on


Kermit, ever the professional, is waiting quietly and patiently for his turn to go on during rehearsals.

No wonder he's had such a long career, he's such a talented and patient pro!

Jim Henson and Kermit rehearse


This is Jim Henson doing Kermit during rehearsals one day in 1970.

The guy beside him? None other than the other legendary puppeteer on the Sesame Street set, Frank Oz (aka Yoda).

Grover getting ready


This is also in 1970.

Here, we see that Grover is waiting for the camera and some lights to focus in on him, so he can look good for his close-up.

Oscar The Grouch


Yes, believe it or not, this was the garbage dwelling Oscar The Grouch back in 1970.

With him is puppeteer Caroll Spinney, who probably knew that Oscar was orange in early seasons before becoming green.

Professor Hastings


Here, we see the good Muppet Professor Hastings getting shot all the way back in 1970.

It's such a simple, but yet such a gorgeous shot of the moment.

Bert and Ernie


Here we see Frank Oz and Jim Henson as they rehearse onset in 1970.

They are joined by not only puppeteer Daniel Seagren (far left) but also by Sesame Street residents Bert and Ernie (top).

Big Bird's adjustments


Here, we see an older fellow giving puppeteer Caroll Spinney an adjustment to his Big Bird costume mid-rehearsal around 1970.

It probably was so that he didn't have to do it while they were taping.

A couple puppeteers with a couple of Muppets


This one was taken during an actual taping in 1970.

Here we see Daniel Seagren holding Roosevelt Franklin, Jim Henson holding Grandmother Happy, and Frank Oz with Betty Lou. And this stuff was going on air!

Loretta Long and Big Bird


The title says it all: here we see the legendary actress Loretta Long with the legendary actor Big Bird.

Wonder why they never made a movie together after meeting each other...

Jim Henson and Kermit


Once again, Jim Henson shows off his caring and child-friendly side when he shows children Kermit backstage.

This was taken during rehearsals all the way back in the far-off year of 1970.

Here we see Ernie taking a break


Unlike Kermit, Ernie needs his beauty rest.

If you can't tell, that's Bert he's leaning on (as you can see, the two were never far apart, adding to the rumors they were lovers).

And finally, Jim Henson doing some entertaining


I wonder what he's saying to them.

Is he explaining how Kermit works? Or is he playing the character to the kids?

We'll never truly know, however, we'll always have this picture to look back on.