11+ Simple DIY Gifts That Are Good For The Planet Too

Holiday gift-giving can be such an expensive and often commercialized activity, but it doesn't really have to be. There are ways you can still be in the holiday spirit, save money but also give something that truly comes from the heart.

I've put together a list of simple yet heartfelt DIY ideas your loved one will adore that are also eco-friendly.

1. Wooden Coasters


To keep this gift as eco-friendly as possible you can buy reclaimed wood pieces that have already been treated. Then, you can add some personal touches.

2. Potted Plant Puns

My Bright Ideas Blog

Aren't these DIY painted potted flower pots that come with funny puns the most fantastic idea? Thrift some planters and then get all the deets here and start making them.

3. Stamped Spoon Necklace

Pretty Handy Girl

If you're feeling super crafty, and have the time and resources, this awesome DIY spoon necklace idea is for you. Follow instructions here to get going.

4. Offer Up A Service

For a truly unique holiday gift why not offer up to make your loved one dinner so they can relax and enjoy a night off?

5. Make A Special Hot Cocoa Kit


If you have a chocolate lover in your family, why not make them a special jar of hot cocoa with all their favorite toppings?

6. Festive Bath Bombs


Whether you're a DIY master or not you can still follow directions right? Well then, you can definitely make these pretty and fun holiday bath bombs that only require a few simple ingredients.

7. Cute Fridge Magnets

Unoriginal Mom

OMG, how adorable is this DIY fridge magnet idea using mason jar lids? I would have never thought of this amazing and really simple idea.

8. Upcycled Holiday Cards


Speaking of mason jars, you can use old Christmas cards to create these festive lids for all those homemade gifts like jam, scrubs, or hot cocoa.

9. Lightbulb Ornaments

Mom Vs The Boys

Why throw away those used lightbulbs when you can turn them into a fun DIY holiday project? Then you can give them away as adorable gifts.

10. Make House Slippers Out of Old Towels

Crafty Nest

Use this tutorial from Crafty Nest to turn your old towels into a fabulous gift idea such as these cozy house slippers.

11. Upcycled Picture Frame

The Navage Patch

You can easily repurpose an old picture frame to make it look new again. Or, you can turn it into something cool like this wall clock.

12. Sugar Scrub


I suggest finding out what scent is your loved one's favorite and incorporating it into a home-made sugar scrub you can put in a repurposed, festive jar.

13. Knitted Scarf


Whether you're a knitter or not you can still make a beautiful scarf using special looping yarn to finger knit a scarf in less than an hour. Try to find an eco-friendly fiber, if possible!

See? There are lots of cool, simple, and eco-friendly ideas that you can use to create the most unique holiday gifts for your loved ones.

Get going!

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