Flex Those Smile Muscles To 21+ Pure, Wholesome Pics

I wonder, if we all kept counters of how much we smiled throughout the day, how many of us would actually go to bed happy with that number? I hope it would be most, but I fear it would be all too few.

So, if you're in need of some smiles today, maybe it will help knowing that the world is populated with kind, helpful people. We have the pics to prove it!

1. This Pizza Hut employee is showing a customer how to place an order online so she can get a better deal than she can get in store.

Reddit | Reddit

Not sure why it works that way, but glad she got the help!

2. You want the definition of love? Look no further than the man who lost weight to get his blood pressure low enough so he could donate a kidney to his wife.

Twitter | @OfficialFBMA

This guy deserves all the respect in the world.

3. Speaking of needing a new kidney, it's far more common to see a plea for one on a vehicle than a thanks.

Reddit | senilepigs55

And it's wonderfully welcome to know that there are heroes out there who can deliver for kids in their time of need.

4. "When mom asked if it might be possible to create matching orthotic devices for her daughter's American Girl doll, the clinic jumped into action and her daughter was so grateful," wrote Reddit user droddysgirl.

Reddit | droddygirl

Just beautiful.

5. This dentist has a secret weapon for keeping his clients calm and comfortable during their procedures: bringing his dog into work.

Reddit | PHIL-yes-PLZ

I have to admit, I would welcome a good dog cuddle at my next dental appointment.

6. This hospital has a whole staff of therapy dogs — here are all of their ID badges on display.

Reddit | freshia_

Or should we say their dog tags? What a handsome crew of helpful hounds!

7. "I work at a veterinary ER. My coworker buys Swarovski crystals with her own money for us to decorate the paw prints we make for euthanized pets," wrote Reddit user meowpal33. 

Reddit | meowpal33

"We know this is the last memory of your baby and we care that it’s special."

8. "Wife and I decorated my little brother’s birthday present with his favorite rappers and their song sheets behind them," wrote Reddit user Aferus.

Reddit | Aferus

What a great gesture to make the gift that much more meaningful.

9. The guy who stocks this vending machine has a habit of taking out any snacks that might be out of date and leaving them on top.

Reddit | JabberwockyDingDong

You know, just in case someone needs a little afternoon snack and doesn't have spare change.

10. In just about the cutest coincidence ever, this couple celebrating their 20th anniversary bought each other the exact same card.

Reddit | Miko48

If they needed a sign that they were meant for each other, it's right there.

11. These dogs' owners want the whole neighborhood to be friends with their pooches, so they put a sign on their lawn with their names on it.

Reddit | HourlyAlbert

They look like pretty chill dogs, too, so I don't know who wouldn't want to be friends with Aston, Bentley, and Sanibel.

12. When a driver locked themselves out of their car while it was still running, a group of strangers got together to come to the rescue.

Reddit | literallyjustlike

Not sure that it should necessarily require so many people, but they did indeed get the car unlocked, which is all that matters!

13. After battling a blaze near Pisa, these exhausted firefighters sat down on a couch on a ferry and promptly fell asleep.

Reddit | bobnuke

No doubt these heroes earned a better rest, but they don't look too picky.

14. During apple harvesting season in Norway, people will leave bags of apples along their fence for anyone to take, for free. 

Reddit | WhatWouldShaneDo

And I would think that this is fairly common in any area where people grow more fruit than they can possibly use. At least, I hope so.

15. These fine fellows picked up a phone someone had lost on a ride and took this picture to make sure it still worked.

Reddit | betaboi4

Honestly, a great way to test functionality. It should be the new standard.

16. "We’ve been feeding this squirrel for the last 3 years. Mid summer she came to our door looking horrible. Took pic to vet and they said it was mange," wrote Reddit user thurmanbird. 

Reddit | thurmanbird

"Gave us some meds. Took many attempts but we got two doses on her skin. Happy to say today she has her full coat back. Her tail was always short."

17. At a burger place next to a skate park, anybody who forgot their board or breaks theirs can borrow one from this bin.

Reddit | Reddit

Love it when places do things that they don't have to do just so others can have fun.

18. In an airport waiting area, this older guy is teaching the youngster next to him how to do origami using a dollar bill.

Reddit | mayorboogers

Talk about a wonderful way to wait for a connecting flight!

19. "After a year and a half fighting in court, I just won custody of my two boys (6 and 4)," wrote Reddit user GurleyMan30. "So, I got them each to say 'Daddy, I love you' for my first tattoo."

Reddit | GurleyMan30

Such a sweet idea.

20. When the New Orleans Saints played the New York Giants, this Saints fan helped a disabled Giants fan stand for the national anthem.

Reddit | Tweetystraw

They're leaving the animosity for what happens on the field.

21. "Head Constable Officer Mujeeb-ur-Rehman (of Moosapet PS) who was on duty for conducting SCTPC exam in Boys Junior College, Mahbubnagar trying to console a crying baby, whose mother was writing exam inside the hall," wrote Rema Rajeshwari on Twitter.

Twitter | @rama_rajeswari

It's so nice to see others helping when a parent is away. It takes a village, as they say!

22. This bride decided she wanted to give back after her wedding, so she posted her wedding dress for free to someone in need.

Reddit | anarchistquiche

Which could be absolutely huge for a another bride-to-be before her big day.

23. This high school student was robbed on the way to school, so the school's dean set him up with fresh school supplies.

Reddit | LcplSnuggles

This kid won't miss a beat in class thanks to that kind dean!

24. And at a college library, one of the desks has clearly been used by people stressing over finals because it's covered in motivational graffiti.

Reddit | kennytran88

Frankly, I think most of us could use something similar on our desks at work!