10+ Stunning Ideas That Prove Winter Weddings Are Underrated

A wedding is already a special occasion but when you factor in your surroundings it can really be elevated. A winter wedding setting can be truly enchanting. There are a lot of cool ideas you can incorporate into your special day to make it a magical winter wonderland.

The following list will give you a better idea of what you can do to get your guests in the winter wedding spirit.

1. Incorporate The Scenery Into Wedding Invitations


Nothing puts your guests in the winter wonderland wedding mood like pretty and festive wedding invitations that evoke that gorgeous wintery scenery.

2. Wear Cozy Winter Wear

Don't freeze your booty outside when taking outdoor pictures. Just incorporate some cozy winter wear like a gorgeous faux fur jacket to look your best.

3. Create A Winter Theme

When planning your winter wedding, why not come up with a magical theme such as Frozen or Swan Lake for that extra special feel?

4. Fireplace Altar


Instead of using a typical altar for your wedding ceremony, find a venue with a fireplace instead. There's nothing more inviting than warming up beside a fireplace.

5. Wear Snow Boots


Dress for the occasion and forget the strappy heels. Get yourself and your wedding party some awesome winter boots so you enjoy a little outdoor fun.

6. Use Wintery Placeholders


Have fun with the fact you're getting married in winter and use things like pinecones as placeholders instead of regular ones. Pretty and fitting for the occasion.

7. Opt For A Winter Flower Bouquet


Make sure your florist incorporates some winter elements into you wedding flower bouquet so it goes perfectly with the rest of the scenery.

8. Pinecone Boutonnieres


Don't forget your groom and his groomsmen when it comes to boutonnieres. Use greenery and pinecones as a perfect accent to the wintery wedding setting.

10. Winter-Inspired Centerpieces


And of course, why not incorporate wintery aspects into your wedding decor such as these awesome pine cone candle centerpieces? They will really set the mood.

11. Use Wooden Vows Books


If you're planning on saying your own wedding vows then why not get into the wintery mood with these awesome wooden vows books or cards?

12. Serve Hot Apple Cider


Nothing gets me in the winter mood like hot apple cider with aromatic cinnamon. I bet your guests will enjoy that special touch too.

13. Offer A S'mores Bar


Give your guests something fun to do when you set up an awesome s'mores bar like this instead of a typical sweet table. Interactive and cozy.

14. Hot Chocolate Party Favors


How elegant is this cute hot chocolate DIY idea to give away as party favors? Your guests will love it when they get home.

I hope with these tips you will have the most festive, awesome and enchanting winter wonderland wedding you have always dreamed of.

Enjoy the beauty winter has to offer.

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