The Details On Meghan Markle's Intense Royal Tour Training

Diply 4 Oct 2018

I have a bone to to pick with Anne Hathaway. She lead me to believe that being a princess was all about horseback riding, fancy dresses, and getting Héctor Elizondo as your security guard. It turns out, The Princess Diaries was so wrong.

Apparently, royal life isn't all it's cracked up to be, at least according to Meghan Markle's royal tour training.

It was really interesting to see Meghan Markle go from a model working on Deal or No Deal to starring in a hit television series (Suits) to becoming Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Getty Images | Trae Patton/NBC

Am I jealous? Maybe a little.

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Becoming a member of the royal family isn't as easy as it might seem.

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There's a lot she had to give up when she decided to marry Prince Harry, as well as some pretty strict rules she has to follow as a member of the family.

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For example, she had to give up her acting job AND her social media accounts. 

Page Six | Page Six

I honestly don't know if I could give up my Instagram just to be a royal. Where would I post all the pictures of my cat, Leonardo DiCatprio?

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When it comes to her nail polish, she's restricted to neutral colors only.

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Yawn. Give me the sparkly ombré purple nail look any day of the week, thank you very much.

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Not to mention, pantyhose are a must, and even the way you hold your handbag is strictly governed. 

Getty Image | Mark Cuthbert

Oh, and you don't even get to wear a tiara any day you want. The royals don't mess around, let me tell you that.

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Anyway, Meghan is likely used to all of these strict rules by now, but that doesn't mean she's learned every trick of the trade just yet.

Getty Images | Samir Hussein

I'm sure anytime Meghan gets annoyed by all the rules, she closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and remembers that she gets to hang out with the queen of England.

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Recently, Meghan and Harry announced that they would soon be embarking on their first royal tour together.

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According to Hello!, they'll spend the last 16 days in October traveling around Australia, Fiji, the Kingdom of Tonga, and New Zealand.

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AndCosmopolitanreports thatMeghan will be taking "extreme measures" to prepare for this tour with her new husband.


Apparently, Meghan has a whole team of royal aids within the palace who are going to assist her in preparing for the tour.

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Now, it's important to note that this tour is more than just sightseeing. 

Getty Images | Geoff Pugh/WPA Pool

The couple is going to be doing a lot of important work, including delivering speeches, raising awareness for various causes, and attending charity events.

So it makes sense that they take this seriously and prepare for their visits accordingly.

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Before Meghan attends any event, she'll be thoroughly briefed on who she'll be meeting and be taught exactly how to greet and address them in a manor of respect.

Getty Images | Samir Hussein

Something tells me that an awkward wave and a quick "hey" isn't going to fly.

This is why they'll never let me be a royal.

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She'll also be briefed on certain topics that she has to touch on in her conversations, as well as any particularly sensitive issues that she needs to be aware of.

Getty Images | Anwar Hussein

It would look pretty bad if she started offending important people.

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On the bright side, traveling to new countries means that it's okay to ditch the rules that the queen has set in place.


It's more important that the guests adapt to the rules and customs of the country that they're visiting, and that's exactly what Meghan and Harry will be doing.

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Meghan will have specific outfits that she has to wear to each event, and they'll likely be made by local designers as a sign of respect.

Getty Images | Samir Hussein

And you know she'll be able to totally rock whatever it is that she wears.

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It sounds like over the course of 16 days, there's going to be a lot of briefing and a lot for Meghan to remember while she meets some pretty important people.

Getty Images | Clive Mason

We're sure Kate Middleton went through the same briefings way back when she was the new kid on the block.

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Maybe she should pull a Miranda Priestly and bring along Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt to whisper important details in her ear when she forgets someone's name?

Her | Her

I would like credit if she actually does this, please.

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As stressful and intense as the preparation sounds, it's also a really cool experience.

Getty Images | Eddie Mulholland/WPA Pool

And we're sure that Meghan and Harry are really looking forward to the trip. I know I would be!

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