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These Golden Girls 'Patron Saints of Friendship' Prayer Candles Are Spectacular

I'm not sure which generation of Golden Girls fans is more rabid: those that watched it while it aired or those who grew up on reruns. I fall into the latter category.

Whichever group you fall into, I think we can all agree that Golden Girls > Sex in the City when it comes to squad goals.

If you asked me to name an ideal piece of fandom merchandise, candles wouldn't be at the top of my list.

I mean, I like candles and all, but slapping a character's face on a jar and calling it done feels a bit lazy.

Oh boy, was I ever wrong.

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It turns out that there is a trend of taking television characters (among other fandoms), mashing them up with classical religious art and turning them into versions of Patron Saints.

This is exactly the twist on a novelty candle that I never knew I needed.

The first ones I found were dubbed the "Patron Saints of Friendship" which is perfect for the *Girls*.

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They can be found on the Etsy shop TheEternalFlame, but amazingly, there are tons of different shops making novelty prayer candles.

Seriously, you can get pretty much any style to suit your personal *Golden Girls* shrine.

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Of course, if Golden Girls isn't your #1 Fandom, there are also lots of other Patron Saint options available with a quick search.

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