We're Super Thankful For This Inflatable Roast Turkey Costume

I think every Thanksgiving dinner has the same cousin who makes the meal super uncomfortable for everyone else.

You know the one — every year they show up with a different date who's always just a bit more problematic than the last one; they're always super keen on turning dinner into a business proposal to try and sell you all on their latest pyramid scheme; and they never bring their own dish but they're more than happy to pack away several Ziplock baggies of leftovers for themselves.

Yeah, no one likes that person. But this year, why not outshine that person in terrible-ness by wearing your very own Inflatable Christmas Roast Turkey costume!

Target is giving everyone the chance to really disappoint their mothers this Thanksgiving.


This pink, puffy costume inflates to blow you up to Violet Beauregarde proportions, which I'm sure the kiddos will enjoy but you can definitely expect some dirty looks from aunt Kathy this year.

Each suit retails for $81 which I suppose is a small price to pay for the legacy you'll leave behind.

After all, who's ever going to forget the cousin who showed up to grandma's Thanksgiving dinner dressed like a turkey? That's making it into the Christmas card for sure.

You can get your very own costume on the Target website. But hurry, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and you don't want to show up to dinner in normal clothes like a total fool now, do you?

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