11+ People Who Were Dealt Bad Beauty Cards

Pretty hurts. Beyoncé said it, so it must be true.

We also know it to be true because we've all lived it. We've all tried a DIY face mask that's gone awry, or experimented with a "hair dye hack" that's left us wanting to hack all of our hair off.

Yep, pretty hurts. And for these people, it really, really hurts.

1. Yeah, that's totally what a pig looks like. If that pig were a demon serial killer pig.

Twitter | @JoLammert

I can't believe the face mask is telling my skin to calm down. You're the one that needs to calm down, creepy face mask!

2. Was this sister dealt a bad hand of beauty cards, or was it just karma? 

Twitter | @Mollieparsons01

I'm quaking, y'all! There is at least $100 worth of Beautyblenders in this bowl. Nobody, not even your meanest sister, deserves this.

3. Sick of just regular old powder on your face? Then why not try powdering your face with a brush that's covered in purple eyeshadow that exploded in your bag!

Instagram | @allieconradphotography

Because who still thinks eyeshadow is just for eyes? Shadow your entire face, baby!

4. "That's my secret, Captain. I'm always stressed." — The Hulk

Twitter | @Jessicaacutie

Can we please cancel phrases like, "don't be stressed," "be positive," and "relax" from skincare threads?! Some of us ARE PAST THE POINT OF RELAXING AND NOT BEING STRESSED, OKAY?

5. Step one: contacts. Step two: mascara. Step three: realize you did steps one and two in the wrong order.

Instagram | @purplecontortionist

Could doing makeup be any more annoying for people that wear glasses?!

6. You think your brows are done? Your brows aren't done until NASA can see them from space, sweetie.

Twitter | @Nicoleyy_9

Her eyebrows aren't twins, or even sisters... They're just two slugs, sliding around her face.

7. Guess whose kisses just got a whole lot stickier!

Twitter | @vicky_hutch

If it turns out to make her lips look fantastic, you can bet Kylie Jenner will be selling lip glue kits in no time.

8. Makeup brands: Get a wider and darker range of foundations! Makeup artists: Get good at doing everyone's makeup! 

Twitter | @Dilysnana

It's why we love brands like Iman, Make Up For Ever, and Fenty — but we shouldn't really love them for doing the BARE MINIMUM.

9. I don't know how that wand could mega-multiply anything, except maybe Midalia's disappointment levels.

Twitter | @blackorchids

How could you let this happen, Gwen Stefani?? You know what — don't tell me 'cause it hurts.

10. Her husband did her makeup, and then she had to get a new husband!

Instagram | @jennetteslipsthatlast

I'm KIDDING. But I really hope she made him watch at least a few YouTube tutorials after this.

11. I didn't need those eyelashes anyway.

Twitter | @CieraHyatt

On the bright side, she has a lot of wishes to make. Hopefully, she uses one of them to wish for her eyelashes to grow back.

12. The saddest photo ever taken.

Instagram | @greedo_girl

Actually, it's not too bad — she's still got quite a lot of powder in the compact. But it really looks like someone has ripped its heart out. Time for some Moon Mousse!

13. Behold, the most adorable and most impractical face mask of all time.

Instagram | @sophslushlashes

I would say it's like a super cute mask for babies, but it even looks too small for a baby.

14. But on the plus side, this is great #SecondarySchoolMemory.

Twitter | @PoppyCarlin

Imagine if Alice made out with the girl from picture number seven! They'd be stuck together forever.

15. She's not exactly the Iron Lady.

YouTube | Tori Locklear

Well, at least now we all know that if we ever want a scissor-free haircut, we can just buy whatever curling iron this is and just burn our hair off instead.

16. *Listens to Yellow by Coldplay once.*

Twitter | @HaleyChamorro

Turmeric, you truly are the most helpful and simultaneously, the evilest ingredient to ever exist in the world of skin care. But at least her acne will go down, right?

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