According To Fan Theory, Keanu Reeves' Movies Are All Connected

Well, this will be pretty interesting, as most fan theories are.

A lot of fan theories out there have been disproven by creators or actors, but this one...well it'll be hard to disprove.

Maybe the makers behind Reeves' films will just come together and pretend this was their plan all along!

In recent years, Keanu Reeves has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon.


He's gone from an actor we all used to rip on to a person that we all admire.

This was mainly through good deeds and liking puppies, but nowadays our eyes are locked on him.

But what about his movies? Are they good?


In a word: yes.

John Wick is a jam, The Matrix is still something people love, and Bram Stoker's Dracula is also pretty cool.

But could all these movies be... somehow connected?

Okay, so before you think this is a little too wild for you to believe, the Movie Star Movies team makes a compelling argument.

"Keanu Reeves has made a lot of movies in his four+ decade acting career. But is there any connection between them? If all of them were compressed into just one epic movie, what would it be about?"

Their fan theory is incredibly well-detailed and thought out.


"We spent three months watching every Keanu movie ever made trying to answer that question. And then another 2 months, scripting and editing a three-minute movie trailer."

The trailer tells a compelling story.

Legendary Entertainment

"The trailer stitches a story together from the recurring themes in his movies. Some of which are obvious – like badass fighting scenes and saving the world."

So they took five months to put their theory together?! That's dedication.

Warner Bros.

"There are scenes and clips from some of his most iconic films like The Matrix, John Wick, Bill & Ted, and Speed.

As well as some of his least iconic films like Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Johnny Mnemonic. All-in-all we used 25 Keanu films in 'Keanu Reeves: The Movie' trailer."

But it's not all action and violence!

"And some less expected, like romances with Charlize Theron and hell and demons. It also deals with some of mysteries about Keanu that have kept the Internet up at night. Like why doesn’t he seem to age? How did he come to be such a nice guy?"

Here's the story (or the theory):


Keanu Reeves is the antichrist (The Devil's Advocate). He's existed for many millennia now (Dracula, 47 Ronin), and only recently found out his dad was the devil.

Since then, he's dedicated his life to fighting agents of the devil ('John Wick', 'Constantine') even into the future ('The Matrix').


Seriously speaking, it doesn't seem that far fetched, does it?

It's definitely something I could picture being valid.

Here is the video that started it all:

Keanu Reeves: The Movie (or A Good Guy, if the title sequence is to be believed), puts all of Keanu's movies back to back, implying the fan theory above.

Pretty neat!

So? What do you think about this fan theory?

Did the explanation and the video convince you? Or do you think no one is smart enough to pull this off?

Let us know below in the comments!