James Dean Is Being Brought Back To Life Through CGI

Yes, James Dean fans, this may be a polarizing subject for you.

On one hand, they're pretty much puppeteering a dead guy for our amusement.

On the other, we get to see James Dean again!

Well, it seems James Dean is going to be in another movie.

And for those of you asking "isn't he dead?", well you're right.

He's going to be in the movie using archive footage and CGI like they did in Star Wars: Rogue One with Peter Cushing.

This decision has really polarized the movie going public.


Some people think that it's awesome we not only get to see James Dean again, but we'll get to see any actor from any time using CGI.

Others think everything about this is messed up.

Chris Evans even chimed in on the subject.

And let's just say... well, he's not happy about it.

He implies that the use of his image is in poor taste, and isn't what art is all about.

And he's not wrong.

What do you think?


Is this a bold new move? Is this the future of acting?

Is using a person's image after their death unethical? Or is everything fair in the pursuit of entertainment?

These questions are rhetorical.