Teen SUES Sexist Boss After HORRIFIC Workplace Injury! 😱⚖️

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a wild workplace tale that'll make your blood boil and your jaw drop! 😱 Meet our fierce 19-year-old heroine, who found herself in a nightmare situation at her hardware store job. Her sexist, racist, egomaniac of a boss and his careless son set the stage for a bloody accident that left her with a gaping wound and a hefty hospital bill. 🩸💸 Now, she's facing a moral dilemma: to sue or not to sue? 🤔⚖️ Let's dive into this juicy story and see if you think she's the a-hole for taking legal action! 👀

🚨 Workplace Horror Story: Sexist Boss & Bloody Accident! 😱

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

🔪 Knife Slides Off Binder, Slices Open My Leg! 🩸

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

😡 No First Aid Kit, Forced to Keep Working While Bleeding! 🤕

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

🏥 17 Stitches Later... $6,000 Hospital Bill! 💸

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

🤬 Boss Refuses to Pay, Blames Me for Not Catching the Knife! 🔪

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

🙅‍♀️ I Quit on the Spot! 🚶‍♀️

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

⚖️ Lawyer Bro Says I Have a Good Case! 👨‍⚖️

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

📞 Boss Begging Me to Drop the Lawsuit, Claims Financial Hardship! 😢

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

🤷‍♀️ Tough S**t, I Told Him! 😏

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

😕 Feeling Guilty... Don't Want to Ruin Their Lives! 🏚️

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

🤔 Am I the A**hole for Suing Them? 🧐

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

🚫 No Insurance, Boss Thinks It's a Government Scam! 🤪

aitasuingmyboss | aitasuingmyboss

Workplace Accident Leads to Lawsuit Drama!

Our brave heroine endured a traumatic experience at her hardware store job, thanks to her boss's sexist attitude and his son's carelessness. A sharpened knife left uncovered sliced open her leg, leaving her bleeding profusely while still forced to work. 17 stitches and a $6,000 hospital bill later, she's now suing her ex-boss for the costs. But plot twist! The boss is begging her to drop the case, claiming financial hardship. She's torn between seeking justice and not wanting to ruin their lives. The internet has some strong opinions on this one! Let's see what the online jury has to say about this workplace horror story turned legal battle. Is she an a-hole for suing, or is the boss getting what he deserves? The verdict is in your hands!

NTA attorney advises on workman's comp and suing sexist boss. 💪

FrnchsLwyr | FrnchsLwyr

Boss' cruelty and neglect leads to injury, NTA seeks justice 🚨

IncredulousPulp | IncredulousPulp

Take him down! 💪 It's illegal to deny medical care and workers' comp.

Alert-Potato | Alert-Potato

Compensation insurance should cover it, boss is wrong. 👍

martinigirl2004 | martinigirl2004

Brother's former boss refuses to cover $6k hospital bill. NTA.

34stallen | 34stallen

Standing up for oneself against negligent employers. 💪

emmacalgary | emmacalgary

Boss's negligence and lack of concern for safety is appalling. NTA.

inazeayllaky | inazeayllaky

Boss's incompetence put employee's life at risk. NTA. 💪⚖️

curlyfriesnstuff | curlyfriesnstuff

Boss's sexist behavior leads to workplace injury and hospital bill

KittySnowpants | KittySnowpants

Injured employee receives support after suing sexist boss for compensation. ⚖️

Rine503 | Rine503

Fight for your rights! Settlement is an option. 💪

Fleegle2212 | Fleegle2212

Requesting coverage for a workplace injury, NTA, employer's responsibility. 🙌

srslyeffedmind | srslyeffedmind

NTA prevails after sexist boss refuses to pay for injury treatment.

spud_gun04 | spud_gun04

Legal advice and insurance shaming in workplace injury lawsuit 😑

Philosopher_1 | Philosopher_1

Boss's sexist decision backfires as employee sues for injury. 😱

bamf1701 | bamf1701

NTA. Worker's Comp should have covered this. 👍

Laramila | Laramila

Boss ignored first aid responsibility, gets sued. NTA wins! 💯

Pretentious-fools | Pretentious-fools

NTA sues sexist boss after workplace injury. Justice served 💪

notashark1 | notashark1

Bosses who don't pay for work injuries are the real a**holes 🤕

JessieColt | JessieColt

Injured worker calls out sexist boss and conspiracy theorist. NTA.

issoecoisadefudido | issoecoisadefudido

Sue your ex-boss, get that cheque girl! NTA 💯👏

Sammiieet | Sammiieet

Get that bag! NTA but don't feel bad, sue away 💰

jgvhkhggsadtbh | jgvhkhggsadtbh

Boss gets what he deserves after workplace injury. 🙌

haveabunderfulday | haveabunderfulday

Boss's negligence caused injury, NTA for suing for compensation. 🚨

ebrillblaiddes | ebrillblaiddes

Standing up against negligent and sexist boss. 💪

JD7270 | JD7270

NTA, take that boss down! Horrible workplace injury experience shared. 😱

AlasAntigone | AlasAntigone

Employee rightfully sues negligent boss for horrific injury 😠

GiveAPennyToKenny | GiveAPennyToKenny

Take legal action and offer leniency in repayment plan 💪

kerodon | kerodon

Deserve justice for workplace injury. Don't let guilt stop you. 💪

Mission-Cloud360 | Mission-Cloud360

Brother/lawyer's calls making OP uncomfortable, NTA for setting boundaries 👍

jmc259 | jmc259

This boss got what they deserved! 💥💰

Anni-Roc | Anni-Roc

Boss's lies expose his disregard for injured employee 😠

SingleLie3842 | SingleLie3842

Boss denied accountability and first aid kit, sue away! NTA 🙌

GhostLampert02 | GhostLampert02

NTA after boss's son caused injury and refused to pay expenses.

OverripeMandrake | OverripeMandrake

NTA and a costly lesson for the boss to learn 👍

Ladyughsalot1 | Ladyughsalot1

Former boss crosses the line, NTA gets rightful representation 💪

Iskawaran | Iskawaran

Boss's negligence caused injury, NTA for suing. Worker's Comp needed. 👍

abriel1978 | abriel1978

Boss forces injured employee to work, justice is served. NTA

msnightfire | msnightfire

NTA takes legal action against dangerous and sexist boss 💪

mimsicalmarch | mimsicalmarch

NTA sues sexist boss for medical bills after workplace injury! 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Justice prevails! NTA stands up to sexist boss 💯

clutzycook | clutzycook

Supportive comment reminds OP they're NTA and not at fault 👍

kael_parsons | kael_parsons

Boss denies medical treatment to injured employee, NTA sues

Aggressive_Complex | Aggressive_Complex

NTA. The employer's fault for not having insurance or safety procedures. 🚨

holisarcasm | holisarcasm

Standing up to a sexist boss and facing harassment 😡

GrizeldaLovesCats | GrizeldaLovesCats

Boss puts employee in danger, then guilt trips them into dropping lawsuit. NTA.

christopher1393 | christopher1393

Bad boss gets what he deserves. NTA stands up strong!

nanaichi | nanaichi

Insurance or fraud - NTA just wants medical bill covered 🙌

Chasingdragons39 | Chasingdragons39

No insurance? NTA calls out boss on lawsuit excuses 👏

Youngish_widoe | Youngish_widoe

Boss lying and breaking the law? NTA has a case 💪

Stripperturneddoctor | Stripperturneddoctor

NTA sues sexist boss for workplace injury. Justice served 💪

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

Report work injuries to HR immediately, workers comp exists for this. NTA 👍

NikkiSharpe | NikkiSharpe

You got hurt due to his negligence. You deserve justice! 🙌

nneighbour | nneighbour

Brother helps NTA sue sexist boss for workplace injury 💪

AwkwardCelloist | AwkwardCelloist

Boss tries to avoid responsibility, commenter says NTA 👏

Aggressive-Sample612 | Aggressive-Sample612

Know your rights! Workmen's Comp can help you recover 🙌

DennisB126 | DennisB126

No sympathy for sexist boss who ignored workman's comp insurance 🙄

KT_mama | KT_mama

Revenge is best served legally. You're not the a**hole! 💪

honeydewmoon | honeydewmoon

Negligent boss without insurance? NTA deserves compensation for injury. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boss tried to manipulate ex-employee, deserves to be sued 💯

madamsyntax | madamsyntax

Stand your ground and don't let him manipulate you! 💪

Glittering-War-5748 | Glittering-War-5748

Sharp comment! Sue the pants off the sexist boss 😱⚖️

kid_sleepy | kid_sleepy

Employer should compensate for workplace injury. NTA for suing. 💯

lachrymosade | lachrymosade

Boss ignores injury, worker sues. NTA for prioritizing health.

robynxcakes | robynxcakes

Empowering comment against toxic work culture 💪

tuuast | tuuast

Take him for every last dime you can 💰💰. Teach capitalists a lesson!

pie-creamer | pie-creamer

Sue for every cent! NTA for taking action against sexist boss 😠

wrong_tr0users | wrong_tr0users

Standing up to a sexist boss who put employee's health at risk. 💪

forestotterqueen | forestotterqueen

Boss's negligence caused injury, NTA for suing. 💪

OmeQuicksilver | OmeQuicksilver

NTA! Boss caused injury but expects $6k out of thin air?

DogBreathologist | DogBreathologist

Don't fall for boss's manipulation. Listen to your brother 👍

8kijcj | 8kijcj

NTA fights back against sexist boss and workplace injury ✌🏻

Khali1987 | Khali1987

Boss's negligence and lack of empathy deserves no slack. 💯

stogie-bear | stogie-bear

Boss violates basic workplace safety and harasses employee. NTA.

bizianka | bizianka

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