Bride's Wedding DESTROYED by Best Man's Cruel 'Prank'! 💍😱

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Buckle up, folks! 🚨 We've got a juicy tale of love, betrayal, and the worst wedding prank in history! 💍💔 Our bride-to-be was ready to walk down the aisle with her college sweetheart, but little did she know, his mischievous best man had a twisted surprise up his sleeve. 😈 Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as we dive into this heartbreaking wedding day disaster! 💔😢

💔 A Heartbreaking Wedding Day Disaster 😢

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🤵 The Troublesome Best Man 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

😈 The Prank Master's Twisted Games 🎭

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🥊 The Best Man Battle 😤

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😱 The Fake Affair Bombshell 💣

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🚪 The Groom's Desperate Pleas 😢

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👭 The Bride's Escape Plan 🏃‍♀️

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🍼 The Prankster's Baby Mama Drama 👶

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👼 The Godmother's Dilemma 😇

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🎂 The Birthday Party Pressure 🎉

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📱 The Disappointing Text Tirade 😠

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🤔 The Petty or Justified Debate ⚖️

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❗ Important Clarifications ❗

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1️⃣ The Non-Existent Friendship 🚫

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2️⃣ The One-Night Stand Shocker 😳

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3️⃣ The Temporary Fallout 😢

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4️⃣ The Humiliating Prank Blame Game 🎭

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5️⃣ The Silent Treatment 🙊

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6️⃣ The Temporary Bromance Breakup 👬

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7️⃣ The Belated Apology 🙏

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8️⃣ The Prankster's Retirement 🎭

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9️⃣ The Boundary-Setting Bestie 👭

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🔟 The Phone Snooping Scandal 📱

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🎭 The Wedding Prank That Shattered Hearts 💔

Well, well, well... what a mess! 😱 Our poor bride was left in tears 😢 after her fiancé's best man pulled the most humiliating prank ever, claiming she was a cheater in front of everyone at the wedding! 😠 To make matters worse, the best man knocked up the bride's bestie in a one-night stand! 🍼 Now, years later, the prankster is trying to play matchmaker 💑 and guilt-trip the bride into forgiving him for the sake of his kid. 👶 The internet is divided on this one! 🤔 Some say the bride is justified in her grudge, while others think she's being petty. 😒 Let's see what the masses have to say about this juicy drama! 🍿

Bride's justified decision to cut off enabling best man. 👏

Legitimate_Essay_221 | Legitimate_Essay_221

Savage NTA comment shuts down best man's 'prank'

ReaderMomof1 | ReaderMomof1

Best man's 'prank' ruins wedding, NTA calls out petty ex-fiance friend 🤯

Helpful_Elderberry38 | Helpful_Elderberry38

Bride not the a-hole for cutting off friend after wedding disaster.

Mofukin_Irisden | Mofukin_Irisden

NTA. Respect OP's decision and don't force ex on them. 👍

jammy913 | jammy913

Best man's cruel prank gets what it deserves. 🤣

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empathetic support for victim of cruel prank. ❤️

Ashamed-Broccoli-768 | Ashamed-Broccoli-768

Ex-fiance's best man ruins wedding with cheating prank, NTA for cutting ties. 😱

Lola-the-showgirl | Lola-the-showgirl

Dumping the ex was the right move 💪 #NTA

Optimal_Yogurt_8588 | Optimal_Yogurt_8588

User believes Best Man was in on the cruel 'prank' and ruined the wedding. 😡

HunterDangerous1366 | HunterDangerous1366

Best man's cruel 'prank' ruins wedding. NTA suggests suing him.

BadwolfRoseTyler | BadwolfRoseTyler

Bride not the a**hole for leaving wedding due to cruel 'prank' 😱

ThereBeTheWhiteWhale | ThereBeTheWhiteWhale

NTA. Take control, confront both David and Mike, and move on. 👍

Ihazacranki | Ihazacranki

You don't owe David or Mike anything. Stay strong 💪

lotus_eater123 | lotus_eater123

Wedding ruined by best man's prank. Should bride forgive him?

Routine-Pea-9538 | Routine-Pea-9538

Supportive comment offering advice on dealing with harassment. 👍

Purpleviolet3 | Purpleviolet3

NTA. Only an asshat would blame victim. Don't take them back 🚫

YarnAndMetal | YarnAndMetal

Supportive commenter agrees that Best Man's prank was cruel 😡

fulcrum_ct-7567 | fulcrum_ct-7567

NTA who called out David and Mike's cruel 'prank' 👏

Himkano | Himkano

Wedding prank almost turned into a fist fight, NTA wins!

kcawks | kcawks

Take space from Jane if David is controlling your relationship.

Bite_the_pain | Bite_the_pain

Cutting off friends after cruel 'prank' - NTA response

SoloBurger13 | SoloBurger13

Bride receives support for not wanting to communicate with best man.

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

Taking a stand against the best man's cruel 'prank'! 💪

ScatheArdRhi | ScatheArdRhi

Best man's prank ruins wedding; commenter supports bride's response.

TheBookOfTormund | TheBookOfTormund

NTA and potential legal action against cruel best man.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Best man pulls cruel 'prank' at wedding, NTA for cutting ties.

dheffe01 | dheffe01

NTA bride feels betrayed by best man's lack of respect. 💔

addisonavenue | addisonavenue

Don't let him compound your trauma. Tell him to stfu. NTA

WelshWickedWitch | WelshWickedWitch

Prevention is key. NTA acknowledges unfortunate outcome.

unknown_928121 | unknown_928121

Cut off toxic Best Man and celebrate godson without him. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bride-to-be chooses to cancel wedding after fiancé prioritizes toxic friend. 💍

meifahs_musungs | meifahs_musungs

Best man's 'prank' breaks bride's wedding, OP NTA for holding grudge. 😱

Badger-of-Horrors | Badger-of-Horrors

Heartbreaking wedding prank leads to cancelled wedding and family rift.

ScarletteMayWest | ScarletteMayWest

Best man publicly humiliates bride on her wedding day. NTA.

Beautiful_mistakes | Beautiful_mistakes

Bride's innocence questioned, but commenter is not at fault 🤔

GoodGriefCharlieB | GoodGriefCharlieB

NTA. Cut off the toxic best man from your life 👍

benfranklin-katniss | benfranklin-katniss

Ex's friend is a bully, NTA for breaking up.

Texascoastalsunshine | Texascoastalsunshine

Draw the line: Punch to the mouth or never speak again! 💥

MelodyP930 | MelodyP930

Move on and up, you're NTA. Don't let the past burden you. 👍

SchmidtyBone | SchmidtyBone

The comment calls out the Best Man's lack of morality 👍

egv78 | egv78

Stand your ground and don't let anyone manipulate you. 💪

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

Exes' drama resurfaces at a wedding? Spill the tea 🚨

Disa2312 | Disa2312

NTA. Best man's failure cost him more than friendship. ❤

ArtfulBludger | ArtfulBludger

Setting boundaries after trauma is important. NTA 🙅‍♀️

Jennifires | Jennifires

NTA did what they had to do to protect themselves 😎

Heart2001 | Heart2001

Cutting out toxic friends is not a prank. NTA 👍

WayUWearUrHat | WayUWearUrHat

Best man's cruel 'prank' goes too far, bride is NTA.

Nefarious-kitten | Nefarious-kitten

A scathing comment on the best man's cruel prank 🤬

badnewsfaery | badnewsfaery

Best man's behavior causes NTA commenter to cut ties.

ClaymoreClair | ClaymoreClair

Wedding ruined by cruel 'prank', commenter suggests couple is responsible.

Disneydodadi | Disneydodadi

Mike is just as guilty for not drawing boundaries with David 👮

SubRedditLurker08 | SubRedditLurker08

Best man humiliates bride at wedding, NTA commenter suggests revenge billing 💰

Glittering-Ruin-1296 | Glittering-Ruin-1296

Ex chose friend over bride on wedding day. NTA wins.

Wonderful-Mission908 | Wonderful-Mission908

Ex-husband's best man prank crosses major lines, NTA for disapproving

SnooWords4839 | SnooWords4839

Questioning the best friend's grasp on reality. NTA confirmed.

dontbcereus | dontbcereus

Confused commenter seeks translation for Best Man's 'prank'

cybin | cybin

Supportive comment with a touch of sarcasm. 💪🏼😒

chaotic_nuclear | chaotic_nuclear

Best man's cruel prank ruined bride's wedding, NTA for calling out.

KarenMaca | KarenMaca

Best man emotionally abuses bride, groom fails to protect. NTA.

Bright-Coconut-6920 | Bright-Coconut-6920

NTA. Screenshot the texts and block his number 📱

SlothPear | SlothPear

Ex-best man ruined wedding, gaslit bride, NTA for moving on. 💯

SeriousMonkey2019 | SeriousMonkey2019

Friend ruins wedding but still friends? NTA says commenter.

KimmyStand | KimmyStand

David's lack of respect for consent and boundaries is unacceptable.

unrepentantbanshee | unrepentantbanshee

Bride takes revenge on best man and ex-fiance. 🤯

Copper__Phoenix | Copper__Phoenix

Skipping Tommy's party was a good decision 👍🏼

claireisabell | claireisabell

Supportive comment recommends legal action for bullying and reimbursement.

bibbiddybobbidyboo | bibbiddybobbidyboo

Best man's prank reveals his lack of trust. Not cool.

soulure | soulure

Best man's fake apology is not remorseful. NTA. 👍

Usiel_ | Usiel_

Supportive comment defends OP and suggests setting boundaries with toxic people.

Bakecrazy | Bakecrazy

Confusion and concern over Best Man's plan for redemption.

SourNotesRockHardAbs | SourNotesRockHardAbs

Moving on from a toxic friend group is self-care 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Best man snoops bride's phone, NTA for calling him out

Sandman64can | Sandman64can

It was not a prank, it was plain cruelty! 😠

Aromatic_Performer57 | Aromatic_Performer57

NTA comment sets boundaries with ex-fiancé's baby daddy 👏

Salt-Accountant7046 | Salt-Accountant7046

Supportive comment calling out bad behavior of best man.

WillfullyUnwoke | WillfullyUnwoke

Best man's 'prank' causes wedding disaster. OP is not at fault.

Usagi_Shinobi | Usagi_Shinobi

Best man's prank ruins wedding, NTA bride stands her ground.

sbh56 | sbh56

NTA bride was justified in suing best man for ruining wedding 👏

catlover_with_dogs54 | catlover_with_dogs54

Best man's 'prank' ends a wedding, NTA for cutting ties. 👍

DimTimfromKew | DimTimfromKew

David's lack of boundaries remains evident, ignore him for health 🙏

bellefleurdelacour98 | bellefleurdelacour98

NTA for not wanting to be near the best man, set boundaries 💪

sanpeter404 | sanpeter404

Bride expresses her feelings towards the best man and David 😡

HiddenTurtles | HiddenTurtles

David is a sick monster and Mike enabled him. NTA.

Interesting-End1710 | Interesting-End1710

Setting boundaries in relationships. NTA for standing up.

StunnedinTheSuburbs | StunnedinTheSuburbs

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