Man Refuses to Move in with Long-term GF Until Their Dying 🛌🔥 Sex Life Improves 😲

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Imagine being in a long-term relationship with your high school sweetheart, planning to move in together and buy a house, only to have everything come to a screeching halt due to one major issue: a non-existent sex life. 😱 Our protagonist finds himself in this exact situation, as he and his girlfriend Janine have been together for eight years, but their sex life has dwindled to nothing over the past two years. 💔 Despite his attempts to find solutions, Janine seems uninterested in addressing the issue, leading him to reconsider moving in together. 🏠 But is he being unreasonable? Let's dive into their story...

The Backstory: A Long-term Relationship 📖

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

School Sweethearts 💑

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Moving in Together? 🏠

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

The Elephant in the Room: Sex Life 😳

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

From Frequent to Rare 📉

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

A Four-Month Dry Spell 😩

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Pain and Denial 🚫

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Searching for Solutions 🕵️‍♂️

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Resistance to Help 🙅‍♀️

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Therapy? No Thanks 🚫

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Alternative Intimacy 💔

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Confidence Knocked 😞

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The Argument: Mortgage Talk 🏡

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Agreement to Work on It 🤝

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Fast Forward: No Progress 😔

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

The Ultimatum 💥

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

No Doctors, No Therapy, No Intimacy 😠

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Furious Reaction 😡

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Holding the Future Hostage? 🤔

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The Aftermath: Silence 🤐

NewHouseNoSexLife | NewHouseNoSexLife

Love on Hold: A House and a Sex Life 🏠💔

Our protagonist and his girlfriend Janine have been together for eight years and are finally in a position to buy a house together. 🏡 However, their sex life has been non-existent for the past two years, causing tension and frustration. 😤 Despite trying to find solutions, Janine seems uninterested in addressing the issue, leaving our protagonist feeling rejected and hurt. 💔 When it comes time to meet with a mortgage adviser, he puts his foot down and says he won't move forward with buying a house until their sex life improves. Janine is furious, accusing him of holding their future hostage for more sex. 😡 Was he right to set this ultimatum, or is he being an a**hole? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔

Valid concern? NTA stands up for sexual compatibility 😏

BigC_Gang | BigC_Gang

Sexual incompatibility can be a death sentence for a relationship 💔🚫

SleepDangerous1074 | SleepDangerous1074

Dealing with medical conditions affecting sex life can be challenging 💊

Miserada | Miserada

Incompatibility in the bedroom can't be ignored forever. NTA.

Electronic_Fox_6383 | Electronic_Fox_6383

Not the a-hole. Don't buy a home. Check r/deadbedrooms 🙈

broadsharp | broadsharp

A bleak outlook for a doomed relationship 😔💔

Fut22Newb27 | Fut22Newb27

NTA; Sex is important, but ultimatums are not cool 🙅

anotherworthlessman | anotherworthlessman

Sex is not the foundation of a relationship, but it can break it. Moving in together without addressing issues is risky 🤔

Shoboy_is_my_name | Shoboy_is_my_name

Mismatched libidos can lead to resentment. Consider ending it. NAH

mdthomas | mdthomas

NTA, but it sounds like it's time to move on 😔

Mrpettit | Mrpettit

NTA. Relationship advice: consider reassessing and buying a home alone 😎

GonnaBeOverIt | GonnaBeOverIt

Sexual compatibility is key for a healthy relationship. Find someone better.

panachi19 | panachi19

Don't settle for a sexless relationship. Communication is key 💋

bismarck611 | bismarck611

Mismatched libidos lead to wallet/friendzone. Time to move on.

jojozabadu | jojozabadu

Prioritizing sexual compatibility in a mortgage commitment. NTA.

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

Is this relationship even worth the wait? 🤔

AngryMushroomCap | AngryMushroomCap

GF may be asexual and avoiding the issue. NTA.

Daligheri | Daligheri

NTA. Lack of sex is a symptom, not the disease.

Jaileer | Jaileer

Move on and find someone who values intimacy as much. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Romance train has derailed two towns over 😢

Akimbobear | Akimbobear

NTA. Communication and respect are key in a relationship. 👍

addanothernamehere | addanothernamehere

Phrasing is key when addressing intimacy issues with partner 👨🏻‍👩💋

LackingTact19 | LackingTact19

Lack of affection may indicate loss of love 💔

Raffzz15 | Raffzz15

OP is respectful of boundaries, but needs are important too 😊

Scared-Accountant288 | Scared-Accountant288

Partner's avoidant behavior could signal end of relationship 😔

Flacid_Fajita | Flacid_Fajita

Loss of attraction? Surprise her and show strength 😎

HailMary74 | HailMary74

NTA commenter advises OP to reconsider relationship due to mismatched priorities 🤔

twid4566 | twid4566

Refusing to address the problem will destroy your future together. NTA.

SomeKindOfHeavy | SomeKindOfHeavy

Relationship advice: Not compatible, don't buy a house together 💔

NickelPickle2018 | NickelPickle2018

Sexual incompatibility is a valid deal breaker in relationships 👫👫. Don't settle for unhappiness 😞

BigMax | BigMax

Avoiding a dead bedroom before marriage, NTA takes a stand! 🙌

Cooksman18 | Cooksman18

End it now before a**hole becomes mortgage holder. 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Honest communication about a dead bedroom is important in relationships. 👍

Disastrous-Panda5530 | Disastrous-Panda5530

Don't waste time, prioritize sexual compatibility for a happy relationship. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Incompatibility and dying sex life? Definitely NTA 👍

dainthomas | dainthomas

🚩 Red flag alert: Commenter advises against moving in with girlfriend

Ha1rBall | Ha1rBall

NTA, lack of sex is not the only issue here 😍

Cinemaslap1 | Cinemaslap1

Breaking up may be hard, but settling for sexual incompatibility is worse 😔

thebookofDiogenes | thebookofDiogenes

NTA: Lack of intimacy is a valid reason for a breakup 💔

Dry_Reach_4298 | Dry_Reach_4298

Don't continue a sexless relationship, it's a biological need 👌

funnymaroon | funnymaroon

NTA. OP is sexually incompatible with GF who might be asexual. 🚩

MainEgg320 | MainEgg320

NTA decides it's time to move on, but what about you?

VanSnugglepusstheIII | VanSnugglepusstheIII

Sexual compatibility is important for a healthy relationship at any age. 💑

duskywindows | duskywindows

Sexual compatibility issues could ruin relationship. 🍆💔

jibaro1953 | jibaro1953

NTA. Ex-wife went through similar journey, get out before it's harder. Avoid entanglement with gaslighting partner. Best of luck. 😲

LA2EU2017 | LA2EU2017

Harsh but honest advice to move on for better match. 💔

Brain_Hawk | Brain_Hawk

Advice against buying a house with unmarried partner 🚫

Wolf-Pack85 | Wolf-Pack85

Cautionary advice to not buy a house young and change.

wigglin_harry | wigglin_harry

NTA for wanting more from life and relationship. Time to re-evaluate. 👍

Apostlepyris | Apostlepyris

NTA: Relationship over, she just wants a house 🙃

Neonpinx | Neonpinx

Sexual incompatibility causing relationship problems, time to reassess situation. 😒

Silent-Mongoose4819 | Silent-Mongoose4819

NTA wants more effort and communication from their partner.

Old_Cheek1076 | Old_Cheek1076

Asserting boundaries is key for a sustainable relationship. 👍

tehjoz | tehjoz

NTAH for prioritizing a healthy relationship and addressing warning signs 👍

Clintre | Clintre

Break up now or regret cheating later 💔

Seifer1781 | Seifer1781

Practical advice for avoiding relationship pitfalls 👍

Claffstar | Claffstar

Partner had a year to work on it, NTA 👍


Breaking up is hard, but it's better than being stuck a**hole-deep in rent.

Dontshootmedud | Dontshootmedud

Sometimes, pain isn't always the issue. 🤔

18k_gold | 18k_gold

Red flags raised as commenter suspects cheating and trapping tactics 🚩

[deleted] | [deleted]

Incompatibility issues can worsen after commitment. It's a risky gamble. 🤔

Blackhawk-388 | Blackhawk-388

NTA for wanting intimacy, but break up as you're incompatible 🚫

Grouchy-Mulberry-339 | Grouchy-Mulberry-339

Partner's refusal to fix dying sex life causing relationship dysfunction. 😡

SlavaUkrainiFTW | SlavaUkrainiFTW

Smart move, evaluating the relationship before the next step 👍

mensink | mensink

Moving in together without living together before? Risky move.

NixyVixy | NixyVixy

Clean fights and dirty sex for a happy marriage 😏😈

ImL8T | ImL8T

Empathetic comment about dealing with sexual incompatibility due to medical issues.

rare_strain017 | rare_strain017

Refusing to be pressured into deeper commitment for better intimacy 😲

Plenty_Map_515 | Plenty_Map_515

It's time to reevaluate the relationship. 💔💭

qnachowoman | qnachowoman

NTA. Partner's lack of interest in fixing sex life is concerning 🤷🏻‍♀️

mariruizgar | mariruizgar

NTA comments on the risk of buying property unmarried 💥

xtheory | xtheory

Time to move on, buddy 👋🏼

Pure_Aide_6678 | Pure_Aide_6678

NTA. Lack of intimacy may indicate a bigger problem. Beware 🚩

Guy_In_TheChair | Guy_In_TheChair

Reconsidering a long-term commitment based on temporary change 🤔

PensionLegitimate706 | PensionLegitimate706

NTA for being supportive of GF with painful vaginismus 😢

BigGudetamaEnergy | BigGudetamaEnergy

NTA wants relationship with sex, GF wants bond through house.

JCBashBash | JCBashBash

Sexual incompatibility can be a dealbreaker for relationships. 👍

feralkitten | feralkitten

Is it time for a break? NTA's dying sex life

susanbarron33 | susanbarron33

NTA. Valid reasons for not taking a relationship to next level.

microgiant | microgiant

Healthy sex life is reasonable. If she denies this, move on. NTA 👍

AreaGuy | AreaGuy

Red flag alert! 🚩 Partner may have checked out. 💔

ulyssesintothepast | ulyssesintothepast

Validating the importance of intimacy in relationships. 👏

Suitable-Mood-1689 | Suitable-Mood-1689

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