Woman Refuses to Sell Car from Ex, Boyfriend's Dad Gets Involved 😳

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We've all had our fair share of relationship drama, but this one takes the cake! 🍰 A woman received a car as a gift from her wealthy ex-boyfriend, and it's causing some major issues in her current relationship. The car became the center of attention when her boyfriend's dad, a mechanic, dropped by and started asking questions. Little did they know, this would lead to an awkward situation and a heated argument. 😬🔥

The Gifted Car 🚗

ornery_risk1568 | ornery_risk1568

New Relationship, Old Car 🔄

ornery_risk1568 | ornery_risk1568

Car Compliments 🤩

ornery_risk1568 | ornery_risk1568

Dad's Impressed! 👨‍🔧

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Questions and Awkwardness 😬

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The Truth Comes Out 🙊

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Silence and Ice Breaking ❄️

ornery_risk1568 | ornery_risk1568

Boyfriend's Outburst 😡

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Sell the Car? 🤔

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Not So Romantic 💔

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Dad Returns, Girlfriend Leaves 🚪

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Distant Boyfriend 😞

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Car Drama: Who's in the Wrong? 🤷‍♀️

In a whirlwind of emotions, this woman finds herself in a tricky situation. Her boyfriend's dad, a mechanic, is impressed by the car she received as a gift from her ex. But when her boyfriend learns the truth, he feels embarrassed and demands she sell the car. She insists it's not a romantic gesture, but he's not having it. Now, their relationship is strained, and she's left wondering if she's really at fault. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

New boyfriend trying to dictate life after 4-year relationship breakup 😒 Keep the car 🚗

claypolejr | claypolejr

Boyfriend's dad approves gift of car from ex, NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spotting red flags early on in a relationship 😍

NomNom83WasTaken | NomNom83WasTaken

Don't let your boyfriend control you or your possessions. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex's dad shamed woman for car gift, but commenters support her. 🚗

asgallant | asgallant

Curious about the car and the fragile masculinity. NTA.

SauvignonBear | SauvignonBear

NTA. The ex's dad is being a controlling weirdo 😳

TahiniInMyVeins | TahiniInMyVeins

Dump the boyfriend, keep the car 🚗👋🏼

Status-Pattern7539 | Status-Pattern7539

Jealous ex's dad butting in? NTA, keep your car 🚗

[deleted] | [deleted]

Keep the car, forget the ex's dad. NTA 👍

amberlc002 | amberlc002

Ex's dad approves car gift, boyfriend insecurely demands sell. NTA.

JeepersCreepers74 | JeepersCreepers74

Rejecting toxic masculinity and standing up for yourself. 💪

pryzzlicious | pryzzlicious

Keep the car, dump the boyfriend. 😎

PNWPainter02 | PNWPainter02

Ex-boyfriend's dad crosses boundaries, commenter advises to cut ties. NTA 👍

ur_mom_cant_get_enuf | ur_mom_cant_get_enuf

Boyfriend insecure about ex's car gift, relationship at risk 😢

BriefHorror | BriefHorror

Exes can give special gifts, real men aren't jealous. NTA.

Particular_Swim_6668 | Particular_Swim_6668

Dump the boyfriend, keep the car! 😎👍

Kufat | Kufat

Ex's dad meddles in car sale, commenter defends OP's decision.

saranohsfavoritesong | saranohsfavoritesong

BF is NTA, but immature. Commenter proposes car tax 🚗🐱

Windermyr | Windermyr

Supportive comment, nice father, and a not-so-nice boyfriend 😏

greenrosechafer | greenrosechafer

Honesty is the best policy. 🤷‍♀️

ggfanatic98 | ggfanatic98

Boyfriend's ego causing car drama, commenter says NTA 😎

fairywings1013 | fairywings1013

Paid off car causes drama with boyfriend's dad. NTA wins.

saurellia | saurellia

NTA. Move on and leave the drama behind 🌌

PommeDeSang | PommeDeSang

NTA comment explains ex-boyfriend's dad's irrational behavior 🤷‍♀️

technicolored_dreams | technicolored_dreams

Boyfriend's dad's demand is unreasonable, run while you can! 😱

1009naturelover | 1009naturelover

NTA refuses to sell car to ex's dad, finds new bf 😎


Boyfriend's dad needs a reality check. NTA for standing up.

photosbeersandteach | photosbeersandteach

Ex's dad oversteps boundaries, commenter supports woman's decision. 💪

4cougs | 4cougs

Boyfriend's fragile ego shouldn't dictate selling expensive car from ex 😳

lil-peanutbutter | lil-peanutbutter

Woman laughs off demand to sell car from ex-boyfriend

sisterfister69hitler | sisterfister69hitler

Don't sell a fully paid off car in a pandemic. NTA 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment advises giving boyfriend time to process car situation 👍

dwassell73 | dwassell73

Expensive gift from ex causing relationship troubles 😞

Flier982 | Flier982

You go girl! Keep your legally owned gift 💪

AndriaRenee | AndriaRenee

OP not the a**hole for refusing to sell ex's car. Supportive comment.

Luckyxstarx13 | Luckyxstarx13

Ex's car gift causes jealousy, boyfriend's dad unimpressed 😳

kristent225 | kristent225

Car ownership leads to meddling boyfriend and dad. NTA.

congteddymix | congteddymix

Jealousy and insecurity in relationships can be toxic 🤔

Flustered-Flump | Flustered-Flump

Keep the car, dump the BF: a safe and reliable choice 👍

chubbywhiteboy420 | chubbywhiteboy420

Supportive comment defends woman's right to keep her car 🚗

JosieJOK | JosieJOK

Dump the jealous BF, keep the car, and drive away 😎

JCWa50 | JCWa50

Woman defends right to keep gifted car from ex-boyfriend.

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

Don't trust the boy masquerading as an adult 😳 #NTA

AdDangerous1243 | AdDangerous1243

Reevaluate your controlling boyfriend before moving in with him 😳

lexkixass | lexkixass

Woman defends her decision to keep car from ex-boyfriend, NTA.

PinkPrincess61 | PinkPrincess61

Don't let anyone intimidate you with their wallet 🤑

Raevyne | Raevyne

Don't let anyone control you, NTA 🙌

spaceyjaycey | spaceyjaycey

Dump the insecure boyfriend, keep the car. NTA 😎

EntrepreneurAmazing3 | EntrepreneurAmazing3

Supportive comment encourages self-care and questions boyfriend's insecurity. 👍

Familiar_Sir_8542 | Familiar_Sir_8542

Win-win solution: Sell car as gift from boyfriend's dad 😊

ndcollector | ndcollector

Supportive comment about ex-boyfriend's dad feeling emasculated. Personal anecdote shared.

TexasTiger70 | TexasTiger70

NTA, but advice given on how to handle expensive gifts 🎁

AintNoUserFound | AintNoUserFound

Insecure boyfriend's dad tries to make new girlfriend sell car 🤪

sillysillysam | sillysillysam

3-month dating, demanding financially life-altering decisions? He crazy. NTA 😳

FlashYogi | FlashYogi

New boyfriend's insecurity over car ownership causes drama 🤪

UnicornFarts1111 | UnicornFarts1111

Jealousy or control issues? 🤔 Beware of red flags.

Avocado_ho | Avocado_ho

Ex's dad crosses the line, but commenter has OP's back 👍

aabbccbb | aabbccbb

Don't let your boyfriend pressure you into selling your car 💪

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

Supportive comment encourages leaving insecure boyfriend with car emoji.

No_Beyond_1995 | No_Beyond_1995

User defends woman's right to keep her car from ex-boyfriend. NTA.

platypus_monster | platypus_monster

Keep your paid off car and stand up for yourself. NTA 💪

No_Bear_8883 | No_Bear_8883

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