Christmas Baby Forced to Choose: Birthday or Christmas? 🎄🎂

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Imagine being born on Christmas Day and having to choose between celebrating your birthday or Christmas every year. That's the reality for one woman (21f), who has finally had enough of her parents' bizarre rule. Instead of enjoying the best of both worlds, she was forced to pick one or the other, making her childhood holidays a living nightmare. 😔🎄🎂

Christmas Day Birthday Dilemma 🤔

bigpotatofat | bigpotatofat

A Tale of Two Celebrations 🎉

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The 'Greedy' Accusation 😒

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The Unfair Choice 🥺

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Ruined Holidays 😢

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Family's Twisted Narrative 🤥

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Childhood Hell 😖

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Zoom Call Showdown 📱

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Enough is Enough! 😡

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Money Wasn't the Issue 💰

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Family's Reaction 😠

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Christmas Guilt 🎅

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Overwhelming Support 🥰

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Best Birthday/Christmas Ever 🎉

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Gratitude and Love ❤️

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The Unbearable Choice: Birthday or Christmas? 😭

This woman's parents made her choose between celebrating her birthday or Christmas every year, leading to a childhood filled with isolation and disappointment. Even as an adult, her family still expects her to make the choice, causing her to finally snap and call them out for their cruel behavior. With the support of the internet, she's now enjoying her first real birthday/Christmas celebration, complete with a Nintendo Switch and a KFC lunch! 🎮🍗 Let's see what the internet thinks of this outrageous situation...

NTA. Parents being cheap and cruel. Celebrate with found family 🎄

xwordmom | xwordmom

NTA. Family sucks. Limited contact. Distance helps. Busy life.

Trenvilla | Trenvilla

Parents force Christmas or birthday choice on child. 😱

foibleShmoible | foibleShmoible

Birthday vs Christmas: NTA, parents are a**holes. Happy birthday! 🎂

HorseWithNoNames | HorseWithNoNames

NTA. Almost cartoonishly evil. Happy birthday AND merry Christmas! 🎄

WallabyInTraining | WallabyInTraining

"NTA: Apologize for being born on Christmas. Hilarious response! 😂"

The_Big_Red_Wookie | The_Big_Red_Wookie

NTA: Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas! You deserve both 🎂🎄

Kreeblim | Kreeblim

NTA: Celebrating two birthdays, like the Queen, with special gifts 🎂

brunette-38 | brunette-38

NTA. Celebrate her birthday separately and ditch the Christmas theme.

wind-river7 | wind-river7

"NTA! It's not your fault you were born on Christmas! 🎄🎂"

taykelly28 | taykelly28

NTA. Parents exclude you from Christmas, but Happy Birthday! 🎂🎄

Vaughn125 | Vaughn125

Parents' bizarre choice: Birthday or Christmas? NTA, celebrate both! 🎂🎄

AmazingRise | AmazingRise

NTA: Manipulative family forces Christmas baby to choose between celebrations. 🎄🎂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Celebrate your birthday mid-year or have a 'yes day'! 🎂😊

NotSoSilentWatcher | NotSoSilentWatcher

NTA. Parents guilt-trip you for wanting birthday celebration. Siblings favored?

kma1391 | kma1391

Parents treated commenter poorly, NTA. Happy Birthday and Merry Xmas! 🎂🎄

SharksInSpace1899 | SharksInSpace1899

NTA: Parents put effort into making child's life *worse*? 🤯

shhh_its_me | shhh_its_me

Resenting parents for Christmas birthdays? 🎄🎂

Cummybot2-0 | Cummybot2-0

Family fails to acknowledge birthday, commenter not the a**hole

Book_devourer | Book_devourer

NTA suggests turning the tables to teach them a lesson! 🥳

Squeakiegreen | Squeakiegreen

NTA! Parents prioritize money over your birthday and Christmas 😒

5pinktoes | 5pinktoes

Heartbreaking choice for Christmas baby. NTA empathizes. 😢

FairieWarrior | FairieWarrior

Choosing between Christmas and birthdays? No thanks, NTA! 🎄🎂

Jovet_Hunter | Jovet_Hunter

Heartbreaking injustice! NTA's struggle with unfair birthday-Christmas dilemma 😢

hellofuckingjulie | hellofuckingjulie

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