10+ Movies That Were Actually Better Than The Book

All you book nerds are going to hate us for this one, but sometimes the movie can be worlds better than the book.

I know, I know, we're going to entertainment hell for saying that.

'Fight Club'


This is actually one where the author agrees.

Author Chuck Palahniuk has stated that he liked the movie better than the book, even though the ending was changed for the film.

'Forrest Gump'


The problem with the Forrest Gump book is that... well, a lot of the stuff he does is just unbelievable.

He becomes a pro wrestler, he gets marooned on an island of cannibals...


'How To Train Your Dragon'


The author of this book series actually went and praised the film's plot, characters, and acting performances.

This means they must have done something right, maybe even a little better than the books.

'The Shining'


I mean... come on.

Even when Stephen King tried to redo the book into a mini-series to make it closer to the events in the book, it wasn't as good as the original movie.

'The Chronicles Of Naria'


While some may not agree (the C.S. Lewis books are classic) these movies made the right changes.

They condensed a lot and turned the fantastical world into something we could better understand.

'The Princess Bride'


While the book is great, the movie did something that the book did not:

It took all of the important aspects, used them for the film, and made a much tighter experience.

'Bridget Jones's Diary'


The original book was very anti-fat people, and even though the movie isn't innocent in this aspect, they tone it down a lot more.

Also, the character of Bridget is much more likable in the movie.

'Legally Blonde'


The writing in the book wasn't all that great.

And Elle was so much more bratty and unlikeable, Reese Witherspoon managed to make her a lot less repulsive on screen.

'Lord Of The Rings'


Oh yeah, we're going to get some flak for this one.

While the books are great, the movies are an achievement that changed the medium of filmmaking forever.

And they're absolutely gorgeous.

Sorry, J. R. R. Tolkien.

'The Notebook'


Apparently, the book is very slow-moving and has a whole bunch of details that aren't necessary.

The movie streamlined the story a bit and made things much clearer.

'The Perks of Being a Wallflower'


It was the actor's portrayals and the fact that film is a visual medium for people's enjoyment of the movie over the book.

In the book, things are kept much vaguer.

'Gone Girl'


It's pretty much the character of Amy that people liked more in the movie than the book.

In the movie, she's this sociopath genius. In the book, she just comes off as whiny.

'The Hunger Games'


Not only do you see more about the world where Katniss lived in the movie, but in the book, she's a lot less likable.

Jennifer Lawrence just brought such warmth to the character.

'It: Chapter One'


No offense to Stephen King fans, but the book ended in a way that... well, that couldn't be shown in a movie.

And frankly, we're a lot happier that part was taken out.