Family Feud Ignites Over Secret Engagement: Who's in the Wrong?

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Imagine finding out your single parent is engaged—not months before the wedding, not weeks, but hours before their fiancée moves in with their kids. Shocking, right? 😳 That's the bombshell one 21-year-old woman had to deal with. Her dad, who she barely speaks to, dropped the engagement news on her like a hot potato 🥔💥, and now he's demanding updates on her life. But she's not having any of it. Dive into this family drama that has everyone picking sides. Will you be Team Dad or Team Daughter? 🤔👨‍👧

Cold Calls and Colder Hearts

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The Engagement Bombshell

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Surprise! You're Getting a Stepmom

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A Daughter's Heartache

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Left in the Dark

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Unmet Expectations

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The Wedding Plan Sting

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Emotional Whirlwind

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The Big Sister No One Told

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Six Hours to Family

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Dad's Hurt, Daughter's Resolve

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Independence Amidst Chaos

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The Argument That Echoed Past Pain

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Mom's Legacy in Question

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Daughter's Defiant Retort

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A Secret Relationship Revealed

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Lockdown Love and Father's Fury

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Hypocrisy Called Out

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The Trust That Was Broken

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Dad's Complaints and Daughter's Dilemma

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Questioning Petty or Principled

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Family Ties or Family Lies? 🤔💔

The saga of the secret engagement has left us all wondering: is keeping family in the dark ever justifiable? This daughter's story is a rollercoaster of emotions, from shock and betrayal to a fierce fight for independence. She's standing her ground, but at what cost? As she grapples with her feelings of pettiness, we can't help but empathize with her struggle for trust. And now, let's delve into the collective wisdom of the crowd. Their insights might just surprise you or validate your gut reaction. Get ready for some real talk! 🗣️👥

Emotional blackmail from dad, but standing firm against entitlement. NTA 👏

JimboDeathgrip | JimboDeathgrip

Calling out hypocrisy! Living with strangers is not the same \/\ith a boyfriend \\ud83d\ude0e

Midori-berry | Midori-berry

Traumatized by dad's actions, NTA commenters support OP's decision. 👏

cyfermax | cyfermax

Unapologetic partner sparks justified defense, no a**hole here.

Outside-Question | Outside-Question

Stepmom's frustration with new family sparks tension and resentment a**hole

winree | winree

Stepmother and step siblings expected instant family, causing emotional turmoil for all involved 😔

Afraid-Pomegranate88 | Afraid-Pomegranate88

Supportive comment, sympathizing with OP's difficult family situation. 🤝

Glittering-War-5748 | Glittering-War-5748

Dad should've handled it better, but consider his future role. 🤔

meeeee01 | meeeee01

Son's surprise engagement announcement sparks family feud. Emotions run high 🔥

superlightnin | superlightnin

Standing up for oneself with respect 👍

benjm88 | benjm88

NTA stands strong against hypocritical dad and his fiancee's actions. 🔥

MyCyanide92 | MyCyanide92

Dad's selfishness sparks family feud! Who's the real a**hole here?

TypicalManagement680 | TypicalManagement680

Emotional neglect by dad, find peace without him. 💔

AbbyFeedsCats | AbbyFeedsCats

Teaching by example 📚. It's time for an apology and change.

WaDaEp | WaDaEp

Surprise engagement bombshell! NTA - Keep doing what makes you happy \

Bangbangsmashsmash | Bangbangsmashsmash

NTA asserts boundaries, others should respect without forcing their way.

stealthy_singh | stealthy_singh

Family feud unfolds as commenters condemn selfish behavior and lack of empathy.

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP's father failed to apologize or offer support, leading to tension.

VeeNessAhh | VeeNessAhh

Standing up to hypocrisy! You owe him nothing 👏

hybrid0404 | hybrid0404

Kid's not the a-hole for being blindsided by dad's secret.

Minimum-Dragonfruit | Minimum-Dragonfruit

Emotionally unsupported by dad after mom's death. Heartbreaking and unfair.

TimelessMeow | TimelessMeow

Standing up for yourself! 🦢

kalamata0live | kalamata0live

Choose your peace over his reassurance. Live stress-free 🕊️

leehaah | leehaah

Surprised wife agreed to marry without meeting kid? Interesting dynamics! \/\/

simplewaves | simplewaves

Dad's behavior was super not okay. Step-mom should've insisted on meeting.

MountainCityDweller | MountainCityDweller

Empowerment at 21: You're an adult, remind him of that too!

StargazerTomura | StargazerTomura

Betrayed by father's secret life, NTA for feeling excluded and hurt 💔

lynziB | lynziB

Emotional turmoil and shattered expectations - navigating family complexities.

mochi-the-dwarf | mochi-the-dwarf

Dad's secret marriage sparks family feud. NTA for being upset 🔥

LSATpenguin | LSATpenguin

Clear NTA, but what's the drama behind the secret engagement? 🔥

Blonde2468 | Blonde2468

NTA - Standing up for your happiness is always important \

yougottabekiddingm | yougottabekiddingm

NTA. Dad's secret engagement impacts family dynamics. Kids left disappointed \

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dad's surprise engagement reveal? Not cool. 😳

TryNotToBridezilla | TryNotToBridezilla

Dad's actions are heartbreaking 💔, leaving daughter feeling abandoned and hurt.

ShadyBookDealer | ShadyBookDealer

Betrayed by father's secret marriage at 14. Unbelievable and hurtful 💔

RazMoon | RazMoon

Reliving the drama from AITA - let's spill the tea 🍵

TheBuzzWuzz | TheBuzzWuzz

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