Couple's College Fund Controversy: A Legacy or A Lifeline?

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When a couple tragically lost their 11-year-old son, Ryan, they were left with a significant college fund that he never got the chance to use. Fast forward to today, they're considering having another child and have been safeguarding the fund for potential future baby expenses or another college fund. However, a casual family gathering took an unexpected turn when the couple's sister proposed a controversial idea. She suggested that her son, Steven, who is about to graduate high school and is unsure of his future, should be given Ryan's untouched college fund. Let's delve into the emotional rollercoaster that ensued. 😥

The Unused College Fund

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A New Beginning on the Horizon

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Nephew's College Dilemma

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The Controversial Proposal

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The Couple's Decision

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Sister's Reaction

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The Argument Escalates

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The Final Word

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Aftermath of the Argument

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The Lingering Guilt

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A Family Torn Apart: Money, Guilt, and the Future

A couple, still healing from the loss of their son, finds themselves at the center of a family controversy. Their decision to safeguard their late son's college fund for a potential future child has sparked a heated argument with the sister who believes her son should benefit from the fund. The sister's harsh words and accusations of selfishness have left the couple questioning their choices. The couple loves their nephew and wants him to succeed, but they also want to honor their late son's legacy. This emotionally charged situation has drawn a line in the sand, leaving the internet to ponder: Who's right in this complex family dilemma? 🤔

NTA. Sister demands money from deceased nephew's college fund. Entitled!

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Entitled sister demands dead child's college fund. Outrageous and hurtful.

rileygreyy | rileygreyy

NTA: Sister's cold-heartedness and guilt-tripping over college fund controversy 😡

JohnChapter11Verse35 | JohnChapter11Verse35

NTA asks about repayment, sister's reaction crosses the line. 💔

griseldabean | griseldabean

Sibling rivalry escalates! College fund controversy sparks outrage. 😡

Ragingredblue | Ragingredblue

NTA. Don't give away your college fund. Your sister's entitlement is beyond belief. 💰

sour_lemons | sour_lemons

Stand firm on your decision and prioritize your own family ❤️

Cats4life160616 | Cats4life160616

NTA: Your money, your choice. Sister had 18 years to save.

Bondo_Wallace | Bondo_Wallace

NTA: No responsibility for her child's college fund. Bold request.

TreadingLife1038 | TreadingLife1038

Taking a break from this sub! NTA for needing it! 😅

Yeoshua82 | Yeoshua82

Heartbreaking loss, entitled family, and vile toxicity. Stay strong 💪

Lady_Purrsia | Lady_Purrsia

NTA. No entitlement here. What is she smoking? 😳

Nebsy_Websy | Nebsy_Websy

Sibling rivalry over college fund: NTA, but is she?

dck133 | dck133

Encourage Steven to join the military for his education! 🎓 NTA!

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Sister's entitlement and greed is beyond distasteful 😡

lovebeinganasshole | lovebeinganasshole

Heartbreaking miscarriage leads to family greed and hurtful comments 😢

Hamdown1 | Hamdown1

Heartbreaking loss, sister's greed adds insult to injury 😔

commendings | commendings

NTA: Sister's audacious request sparks controversy and selfishness.

rose_glass | rose_glass

Sibling rivalry over college fund turns into a heartfelt tribute ❤️

82momma | 82momma

Heartbreaking loss sparks controversy and family tension. 💔

wetcardboardsmell | wetcardboardsmell

NTA. Your money, your sister's entitlement, and heartfelt condolences.

loopyloo54321 | loopyloo54321

NTA: This commenter wants to give a reality check 💥

100percentthatdork | 100percentthatdork

Sister oversteps boundaries, entitlement needs to stop. NTA.

okileggs1992 | okileggs1992

Entitled commenter defends couple's controversial college fund request. NTA 🙄

DylanV26 | DylanV26

NTA. Balancing retirement and helping your nephew's education 💼🎓

Pistalrose | Pistalrose

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